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Auspicious Dates for Chinese New Year 2017

Auspicious Dates for Chinese New Year 2017.

Listed below are Astrology & Feng shui information on auspicious dates and direction for Chinese New Year 2017. These auspicious dates is derived from the chinese almanac or commonly known as Tung shu / Tung shing / 通勝. I have edited this list into a shorter version as the original list would be too long with too much information.

2017 Ding You Rooster Year / 二零一七年 丁酉年

Heavenly Steam is Ding Yin Fire / 天干 丁火年
Earthly branch is You Yin Metal / 地支 酉金年

Li Chun 2017 begins at 23:35pm on 3rd February 2017. 1st season of the year.
立春進節 晚上十一點三十五分 正月初七日丁酉年

Jing Zhe begins at 17:34pm on 5th March 2017
驚蟄進節 傍晚五 點三十四分 二月初八日丁酉年

Qing Ming begins at 22:18pm on 4th April 2017
清明進節 晚上十點十八分 三月初八日丁酉年

Dong Zhi begins at 12:29am on 22nd December 2017
冬至進節 晚上十二點二十九分 十一月初五日丁酉年

Li Chun 2018 begins at 5:30am on 4th February 2018. 1st season for year 2018
立春進節 早上五點三十分 十二月十九日丁酉年2018.

*Chinese New Year 2018 falls on the 16th Feb 2018. 農歷戊戍年正月初一 / 英歷16-2-2018.

** 2017 a double Li Chun Year. 二零一七雙春年.

*** There is a leap month in Ding You year that falls on the lunar 6th month between 23th July till 21st August 2017.

**** Dong Zhi / 冬至 is normally the time to thank/repay the current year Tai Sui.

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Inauspicious direction of the Year Ding You 2017 / 二零一七年丁酉年吉凶方向

Dominating star is 1 White, which is also an auspicious star 一白星為主

Tai Sui – West – 正西方 262.5º – 277.5º 太歲坐位方向
3 Killing – East – 正東方犯三煞
5 Yellow – South – 正南方犯五黄
2 Black – North West – 西北犯二黑

Tai Sui / 太歲知料 2017 Information.

Tai Sui dominating this year is General Kang Jie. “Kang” is the surname of Tai Sui 2017.
丁酉年太歲姓名 康傑星君

Rooster offend Tai Sui 雞犯太歲
Rabbit clashes Tai Sui 兔冲太歲
Rat reflect Tai Sui 鼠刑冲太歲 Horse minor clash Tai Sui 馬偏冲太歲

Offending White Tiger 2017 / 二零一七年丁酉年犯白虎.

Signs that are suppose to pray to white tiger / prayers for noble people. – Snake / Rooster / Horse / Rabbit / Dog
拜白虎 / 送小人- 驚蟄日下午五點三十四分. 生肖 – 蛇,雞,馬,兔,狗

* Jing Zhi / 惊蟄 is the day when White Tiger prayers begin. The time of the beginning of Jing Zhi is also known as “The time when the White Tiger Opens it’s mouth / 白虎开口”

** Click here to know more about Offering to White Tiger / 拜白虎

Auspicious Dates for house cleaning and clearing only / 掃舍吉日

14th Jan 2017 Sat – Clash Lamb 冲羊 十二月十七 (星期六)
16th Jan 2017 Mon – Clash Rooster 冲雞 十二月十九 (星期一)
22th Jan 2017 Sun Clash Rabbit 冲兔 十二月二十五 (星期日)
24th Jan 2017 Tue – Clash Snake 冲蛇 十二月二十七 (星期二)

Auspicious Dates for Cleaning Altar Table and Change of Gold Flower / 換金花、換花球、吉日

16th Jan 2017 Mon – Clash Rooster 冲雞 十二月十九 (星期一)
18th Jan 2017 Wed- Clash Pig 冲豬 十二月二十一 (星期三)
21st Jan 2017 Sat – Clash Tiger 冲虎 十二月二十四 (星期六)
22nd Jan 2017 Sun – Clash Rabbit 冲兔 十二月二十五 (星期日)

Auspicious dates to start work / 開巿、開工吉日

30th Jan 2017 Mon – Clash Pig 冲豬 正月初三 (星期一)
31st Jan 2017 Tue – Clash Rat 冲鼠 正月初四 (星期二)
3rd Feb 2017 Fri – Clash Rabbit 冲兔 正月初七 (星期五)
4th Feb 2017 Sat – Clash Dragon 冲龍 正月初八 (星期六)
6th Feb 2017 Mon – Clash Horse 冲馬 正月初十 (星期一)

Date For Blessings / 祈福吉日

30th Jan 2017 Mon – Clash Pig 冲豬 正月初三 (星期一)
3rd Feb 2017 Fri – Clash Rabbit 冲兔 正月初七 (星期五)
4th Feb 2017 Sat – Clash Dragon 冲龍 正月初八 (星期六)
6th Feb 2017 Mon – Clash Horse 冲馬 正月初十 (星期一)
10th Feb 2017 Fri – Clash Dog 冲狗 正月十四 (星期五)

Direction of Auspicious and Inauspicious gods on NEW YEAR day 28-1-2017 / 正月初一吉凶方位

Cai Shen 財神 / Wealth God South East – 東南方
Xi Shen 喜神 / Joy God North West – 西北方
Gui Shen 貴神 / Nobility God South West – 西南方
Ji Men 吉門 / Lucky Door South West – 西南方
Sheng Men 生門 / Living Door South – 正南方
Kai Men 開門 / Open Door West – 正西方
Wu Gui 五鬼 / Five Devils North East – 東北方
Si Men 死門 / Dead Door North – 正北方
E Shen 噩神 / Wicked Deity East – 正東方


Wishing You and your Family a Happy and Prosperous Chinese New Year.

* Dates above are courtesy of Ji Gong Xian Ling Tan, Kuala Lumpur.

** The word “CLASH” means that the particular day is unsuitable or inauspicious to those born under the astrological sign listed.

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Thank You.

Below:- A chart that shows the directional influence in the Tung shu / Tung shing / 通勝 2017.


Auspicious Dates for Chinese New Year 2017 – My Time – – A web blog cataloging chinese temples in malaysia / 記錄馬來西亞廟宇文化.

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Yik Wang Pak Ku Meo-Linggi / 玉皇盤古庙- 寧宜

Yik Wang Pak Ku Meo-Linggi / 玉皇盤古庙- 寧宜

aka Yu Huang Pan Gu Miao, Pertubuhan Penganut-Penganut Rumah Berhala Yik Wang Pak Ku Meo, Linggi, Negeri Sembilan.

Location:- Linggi, Negeri Sembilan / 寧宜, 森美兰州.

The Chinese new year has been a hectic one this year. With all the festive preparation, my plans to visit Linggi, Negeri Sembilan has to be postponed since last year. Today, with the weather looking fine, we decided to head for it. After spending a while viewing a tract of land, we decided to head toward Lubok China, a small town at the north of Melaka bordering Negeri Sembilan. Plying the federal routes between palm and rubber estates, we came upon a signage by the side of the road leading to this temple. And since time permits, we stop by to document this place.

Located approximately 200 meters of the main road, this temple is surrounded by mature rubber trees and by the looks of things on this visit, more future attraction is definitely in the drawings. A shrine is built on the side for it tutelary deity, Na Du Gong / 嗱督公, and the nearby opera stage is in the midst of completion.

Yik Wang Pak Ku Meo-Linggi / 玉皇盤古庙- 寧宜

Yik Wang Pak Ku Meo-Linggi / 玉皇盤古庙- 寧宜 02

Yik Wang Pak Ku Meo-Linggi / 玉皇盤古庙- 寧宜 03

An information board inside the main prayer hall did shed some light on its existence. This temple said to have been established in 1870 and was rebuilt in 1971. It is also said to be the first temple devoted to Pan Gu / 盤古 in Negeri Sembilan while the first medium/caretaker of this temple is known as Mr Li Bao / 李保 (Now deceased).

During the Japanese Occupation, about 100 chinese villagers, mostly the aged, took refuge in temple. When the Japanese troops were passing the temple, a few soldiers went in to investigate, strangely, the soldiers too a look at them and left. These to the villagers, was a miracle because massacre of the chinese has been happening in nearby town during the Occupation. The fortunate villagers believe those soldiers saw the image of Pan Gu and left.

Uniquely, based on a news paper clipping found, wild boar is known to frequent this temple and visitors would comes in buses loads just to touch them. Rumour has it that these wild boars would bring good luck to those that managed to do so. Maybe it was just not my day or it was the day been too hot because I didn’t see any of them during my visit.

Yik Wang Pak Ku Meo-Linggi / 玉皇盤古庙- 寧宜 04Yik Wang Pak Ku Meo-Linggi / 玉皇盤古庙- 寧宜 05

Yik Wang Pak Ku Meo-Linggi / 玉皇盤古庙- 寧宜 06

The main prayer hall consist of three altar. The main altar is dedicated to the worship of its main patron deities, Pan Gu / 盤古, Yu Huang Da Di / 玉皇大帝 aka The Jade Emperor, Xuan Tian Shang Di / 玄天上帝, Tai Shang Lao Jun / 太上老君 and Ji Gong Huo Fo / 濟公活佛,. Other deities enshrine here includes Guan Sheng Da Di / 關聖大帝, Qi Tian Da Sheng / 齊天大聖, Fa Zhu Gong / 法主公, Na Zha San Tai Zi / 哪吒三太孑,etc. An altar to the left is dedicate to the worship of the Goddess Guan Yin Pu Sa / 觀音菩薩, while another altar to the right is dedicated to the worship of Da Bo Gong / 大伯公.

The myth and legends of Pan Gu, in my opinion, should be told as a good bedtime story. Be noted that Pan Gu / 盤古, to many chinese, is known as the one whom opened heaven and dividing it from earth by standing between them. I’ll let those search engine fill your curiosity about him.

Well, After a visit to Lubuk China, we headed towards Port Dickson… yet another town i had not spend time for many many years.

Yik Wang Pak Ku Meo-Linggi / 玉皇盤古庙- 寧宜 07

Below:- Its local tutelary deity, Na Du Gong / 嗱督公.

Yik Wang Pak Ku Meo-Linggi / 玉皇盤古庙- 寧宜 08

Yik Wang Pak Ku Meo-Linggi / 玉皇盤古庙- 寧宜 09

Location Map / 神廟地圖

Click here to open location in GOOGLE MAP / 點擊這裡打開谷歌地圖

Yik Wang Pak Ku Meo-Linggi / 玉皇盤古庙- 寧宜 – My Time – – Cataloging Chinese temples in Malaysia / 記錄馬來西亞廟宇文化.

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Happy Chinese New Year 2016 / Gong Xi Fa Chai / 恭喜發財

Wishing all readers with a Prosperous and Healthy
Chinese New Year 2016. Gong Xi Fa Cai.

祝大家,身體健康,心想事成,万事如意, 年年有餘, 合家平安, 恭喜發財.

Happy Chinese New Year 2015 / Gong Xi Fa Chai / 恭喜發財

My Time – – A web blog cataloging chinese temples in malaysia / 記錄馬來西亞廟宇文化.

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Cheong Yoke Choy Memorial / 張郁才墓園

Cheong Yoke Choy Memorial / 張郁才墓園.

A couple of months back, a good friend whom was reminiscing about his youth, mentioned about a grand colonial mansion he had to travel pass to get home from school. He recalled that it had a huge flat ground, bigger than a football field as its garden and its located next to pudu jail. With very little infomation to work with, we took a drive to Jalan Imbi to help refresh my friends memory. It was in the late 60s and the early 70s when he was staying around the area before furthering his studies overseas. Even with the driving around, it wasn’t easy for him either as many of the road has changed and developments has really alter the surrounding. As usual, with determination, we came to pin point the location of the old mansion to what is today a well known shopping centre.

Further research on the owner of the old mansion has gotten my attention to seek its final resting place and also do a small writeup as my respect to this great person whom many had forgotten.

Cheong Yoke Choy Memorial / 張郁才墓園

The old mansion is addressed at 216, Jalan Pudu. It was built by Mr Cheong Yoke Choy. During the Japanese occupation in malaya, this mansion was used to housed Japanese officers as the nearby Pudu Jail was used by the occupation forces to incarcerated Allied POWs. A bomb shelter was also built in this compound.

Based on what i could gather online, not much is known about this old mansion besides it been demolished to make way for the large shopping complex when the parcel of land was sold by his descendants before the Asian Financial Crisis hit Malaysia in 1997. It is quite unfortunate that i couldn’t find a photo of the old mansion..maybe in near future, i hope. If anybody has a photo of the mansion or any information about it, and wish to share it here, kindly do contact me.

A little about Mr. Cheong Yoke Choy.

Born on the 22nd day of the 6th lunar of 1873 in Xinhui, China. Mr Cheong Yoke Choy / 張郁才, at the age of 16, travelled from Guangzhou to malaya for a better prospect. He arrived at rawang (north of kuala lumpur) to worked as a labourer carrying 200 katies of rice to rawang daily. He was only paid 50 cents a month as a labourer(*5). Six months later, He moved to Kuala Lumpur where he found employment in Dong Xing Long / 東興隆, a provision store owned by the Towkay Loke Yew (*1). Records shows that he was still employed there as a General Manager in 1909. Due to his hard-working and humble nature, he gradually earned the trust of Mr Loke Yew whom he saw not only as a benefactor but also a mentor(*1).

Cheong Yoke Choy Memorial / 張郁才墓園 1

Mr. Cheong Yoke Choy / 張郁才

Following his mentors footsteps, he and a friend Mr. Chan Zhen Wing / 陳振永 aka Chan Wing withdrew all their savings to opened Hoong Fatt Tin Mining Kongsi / Hung Fa Xi Kuang Gong Si / 鴻發錫礦公司(*2) and it became the largest and deepest open-cast tin mine in the world. One could imagine the among of money they were making during that tin prosperous era. Beside been known as a wealthy and charitable person, Mr Cheong also finds interest in equestrian and is also a well known race horse owner(*3). Together with a few business partners, he co-founded Kwong Yik Bank in 1915(*1).

Mr Cheong is a strong believer in education, in 1918, he single-handedly founded Pak Peng Free School / Bo Ping Yue Xue / 柏屏義學 and provided students from very poor family with free education. Along with his associates, he co-founded many other Chinese schools for the poor. He also contributed immensely to society and held many important position in chinese association around Kuala Lumpur. He was also a property trustees for the Xian Si Shi Ye temple in Kuala Lumpur. In recognition, the local British government appointed him as the Chinese counselor and also bestowed him the title of JP (Justice of Peace) and OBE (Order of the British Empire)(*2).

Due to his philanthropic deed even at elderly aged, he is also affectionately known as “The Elderly Philanthropist / Ci Shan Lao Ren / 慈善老人”. There was also a road named after him called Lorong Cheong Yoke Choy but unfortunately this road has been demolished to make way for a shopping warehouse.

Passing of a great man.

Mr Cheong Yoke Choy passed away in his bungalow located in 216, Jalan Pudu… the said big mansion… on the night of 26 May 1958 at the age of 85 years. He leaves behind a son and two daughter(*3). According to some news report, it is said that he had been ill for sometime(*5) .

His funeral procession was one of the grandest of the time. The were as many as 10,000 whom participated to pay their last respect. Many of these includes Government officials, Community leader, Business leaders and School delegates along with school children in their uniform. There were fifteen funerals bands in attendance on that day(*6) and the traffic was jammed up as the funeral procession was a 4.8km long affair and there was also a 3.6meter effigy of a deity too(*4).

He is buried closed to his father in a family plot at a Chinese cemetery in Kuala Lumpur on a Sunday, 1st June, 1958.

Uniquely, for a person of such stature, his final resting place was a simple one. It has a simple tombstone next to the burial mounds that is planted on the ground looking high up the sky above. A measurement on a Chinese compass shows the tomb should be sitting You / 酉 at 268°. Other family members later interred here includes his late wife and his son.

Born on a leap month?

While looking for his DOB on the gregorian calendar, I came to notice that there were a leap lunar 6th month in 1873 on the Chinese Thousand Year Calendar. Usually when a person is born on a leap month, it would be inscribed onto the tombstone. Unfortunately, no such info is found. So without any more information to further work with, I converted the lunar dates and it would either be 16th July 1873 or 14th August 1873 if he is born on the leap month.


(1) Wikipedia

(2) Selangor and Federal Territory Kwong Siew Association

3) DEATH OF K.L. MILLIONAIRE, The Straits Times, 27 May 1958, Page 1

4) FUNERAL BANDS, NST, 21 March 1990, Fong Leong Ming.

5) CAPITAL TO SEE BIG FUNERAL PROCESSION ON SUNDAY, The Straits Times, 28 May 1958, Page 9

6) 10,000 AT FUNERAL OF MR. CHEONG – The Straits Times, 2 June 1958, Page 7



Cheong Yoke Choy Memorial / 張郁才墓園 – My Time – – Cataloging Chinese temples in Malaysia / 記錄馬來西亞廟宇文化.

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