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Xian Si Shi Ye Gong-Kuala Lumpur / 仙四師爺宮-吉隆坡

Xian Si Shi Ye Gong-Kuala Lumpur / 仙四師爺宮-吉隆坡.

Location:- Kuala Lumpur / 吉隆坡.

Xian Si Shi Ye Gong / 仙四師爺宮. Also known as Sin Sze Si Ya temple. Or more commonly known to the locals as Shi Ye Miao / 師爺廟.

This would also be one of the oldest chinese temple in kuala lumpur. Decided to visit this place since it’s been a while I visited this place. There is two entrance to this place. One on the side of the Central market which you would have to walk an alley to reach and the other is facing the main road of Tun H.S. Lee. This would be the second Shi Ye temple build after the 1st in Rasah, Seremban.

The Xian Si Shi Ye Temple was founded in 1864 by Kapitan Yap Ah Loy (葉亞來), it is dedicated to patron deities of Xian Shi Ye (仙師爺) and Si Shi Ye (四師爺).

Through dreams, the deities has guided Kapitan Yap Ah Loy to defeat the enemies and defended Kuala lumpur during the civil war between 1870 to 1873. And this place has also seen the growing and prosperity of kuala lumpur.

Famous for Tai Sui (太歲) and White tiger (白虎) prayers, devotees will visit this place when the white tiger opens it’s mouth annually.

It’s main altar sits two statue, On the left is Si Shi Ye (四師爺) And on the right is Xian Shi Ye (仙師爺).

There is also a statue on Wen Chang (文昌) deity for scholar and a altar for the late Kapitan Yap Ah Loy (葉亞來).

It’s interior design is very old and shows the craft works of those times. Upon entering the main hall, one would be greeted with old paintings above on the wall and a pair of stone lions by the side of the door.

A side door on the left will bring you to an altar that worships the Tai Sui (太歲) and White Tiger (白虎) and the side door to the right will bring you to the altar the worship the Goddess Kuan Yin (觀音菩薩).

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Xian Si Shi Ye Gong-Kuala Lumpur / 仙四師爺宮-吉隆坡1

Below:- It’s main altar.

Xian Si Shi Ye Gong-Kuala Lumpur / 仙四師爺宮-吉隆坡2

Below:- Tai Sui (太歲) Deity.

Xian Si Shi Ye Gong-Kuala Lumpur / 仙四師爺宮-吉隆坡3

Below:- It’s Interior.

Xian Si Shi Ye Gong-Kuala Lumpur / 仙四師爺宮-吉隆坡4

Xian Si Shi Ye Gong-Kuala Lumpur / 仙四師爺宮-吉隆坡5

Location Map / 神廟地圖

Click here to open location in GOOGLE MAP / 點擊這裡打開谷歌地圖

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