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Submited by : 贵
Submited by : 贵

Xuan Wu Gong-Sepang / 玄武宫-雪邦

Xuan Wu Gong-Sepang / 玄武宫-雪邦.

Location:- Sepang, Selangor / 雪邦, 雪兰莪.

On the way back from Sungai Pelek, we decided to take a turn when we saw a small signage to this temple. It is situated in front of a huge community playground.

As the temples name suggest, this temple is dedicated to the worships of its main patron deity Xuan Tian Da Di / 玄天上帝 whom is also known as the Supreme Emperor of the Northern Heaven or the Mysterious Heaven on it’s main altar. Other deities worshipped on this altar includes Guan Yin Pu Sa / 觀音菩薩, Guan Sheng Da Di / 關聖大帝, etc. And a beautifully construct shrine on the side is dedicated to the worship of its Na Du Gong / 嗱督公, the local deity.

Xuan Wu Gong-Sepang / 玄武宫-雪邦1

Xuan Wu Gong-Sepang / 玄武宫-雪邦2

Below:- It’s Dato Gung Shrine.

Xuan Wu Gong-Sepang / 玄武宫-雪邦3

Location Map / 神廟地圖

Click here to open location in GOOGLE MAP / 點擊這裡打開谷歌地圖

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2 comments to Xuan Wu Gong-Sepang / 玄武宫-雪邦

  • avatar Eugene


    I’m eugene tan ong siong from singapore.

    And i wanted to say that the dato gung shrine was excellent.

    But can you take t=photos of dato kung shrine at xuan wu gong a little bit bigger?

    • avatar Myadmin

      Hi Eugene,

      Sorry, I could not upload photos that is large due to lag while loading the page. Maybe, if your browser supports “adds on” like firefox, you could download some image zoom utilities. 🙂

      It is very common to see Na to Gung shrine in temples and i could only post pictures of unique Na To that is not commonly seen. There are just too many version of Na To deity in Malaysia.

      Take care.

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