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Submited by : 贵
Submited by : 贵

Auspicious Dates for Chinese New Year 2011

Auspicious Dates for Chinese New Year 2011.

Listed below are Astrology, Feng shui and Chinese new year auspicious dates information for 2011. These auspicious dates are formulated from the chinese almanac or commonly known as Tung shu / Tung shing / 通勝. I have edited this list into a shorter version as the original list would be too long with too much information.

Click here for Auspicious Dates for Chinese New Year 2012

2011 Xin Metal Rabbit year. 二零一一年 辛卯年

Heavenly Stems is Xin Yin Metal 天干辛金年
Earthly Branch is Mao Yin Wood 地支卯木年

Li Chun 2011 begins at 12.32pm on 4th Feb 2011 1st season of the year
立春進節中午十二點三十二分 正月初二辛卯年

Ching Che begins at 06.43am on 6th March 2011 3rd season of the year
惊蟄進節早晨六點四十三分 二月初二辛卯年

Qing Ming begins at 11.46am on 5th April 2011 5th season of the year
清明進節中午十一點四十六分 三月初三辛卯年

*Tong che begins at 13.28pm on 22nd Dec 2011 22nd season of the year.
冬至進節中午一點二十八分 十一月二十八辛卯年

Li Chun 2012 begins at 18.40pm on 4th Feb 2012 1st season of 2012

:- Tai Sui 2011 / 二零一一辛卯年太歲.

Tai Sui dominating this year is General Fan Ning. “Fan” is the surname of Tai Sui 2011.

Rabbit offend Tai Sui. 兔犯太歲
Rooster clashes Tai Sui. 雞冲太歲
Horse minor clash Tai Sui. 馬破太歲
Rat reflect Tai Sui. 鼠刑太歲

* Tong Che / 冬至 is normally the time to thank/repay the current year Tai Sui.

:- Inauspicious direction of the Year Xin Mao 2011 二零一一辛卯年吉凶方向

Dominating star is 7 Red which is also Inauspicious star 七赤星為主

Tai Sui – East / 正東方 82.5° – 97.5° 太歲坐方
3 Killing – West / 正西方犯三煞
5 Wang – East / 正東方犯五黃
2 Black – South / 正南方犯二黑

:- Offending White Tiger 2011 / 二零一一辛卯年犯白虎.

Signs that are suppose to pray to White tiger / prayers for noble people. – Pig / Rat / Dragon / Lamb / Ox .
犯白虎 / 送小人 – 驚蟄日早辰六點三十分 生肖- 豬 – 龍 – 羊 – 鼠 – 牛

*Ching Che / 惊蟄 is the day when White Tiger prayers begin. The time of the beginning of Ching che is also know as “The time when the White Tiger Opens it’s mouth / 白虎开口”

Be aware that this page is for 2011. Click here for Auspicious Dates for Chinese New Year 2012

:- Auspicious Dates for house cleaning and clearing only / 掃舍吉日 .

* These are the dates to clear out all the unwanted stuff in your house readying for Chinese new year.

5th Jan 2011 Wed clash Tiger – 冲虎 – 十二月初二
11th Jan 2011 Tue clash Monkey – 冲猴 – 十二月初八
15tn Jan 2011 Sat clash Rat – 冲鼠 – 十二月十二
23rd Jan 2011 Sun clash Monkey – 冲猴 – 十二月二十
27th Jan 2011 Thu clash Rat – 冲鼠 – 十二月廿四
30th Jan 2011 Sun clash Rabbit – 冲兔 – 十二月廿七

:- Auspicious Dates for Cleaning Altar Table and Change of Gold Flower / 換金花, 換神紅 吉日

*These are the dates for hanging the red cloth over the main door during chinese new year. The same dates are also use to change/replace old things on the altar.

23rd Jan 2011 Sun clash Monkey – 冲猴 – 十二月二十
27th Jan 2011 Thu clash Rat – 冲鼠 – 十二月廿四
30th Jan 2011 Sun clash Rabbit – 冲兔 – 十二月廿七
31th Jan 2011 Mon clash Dragon – 冲龍 – 十二月廿八
1st Feb 2011 Tue clash Snake – 冲蛇 – 十二月廿九

:-Auspicious dates to start work / 開工吉日.

Be aware that this page is for 2011. Click here for Auspicious Dates for Chinese New Year 2012

* These are the auspicious dates to resume business / start work after the chinese new year holidays.

8th Feb 2011 Tue clash Rat – 冲鼠 – 正月初六甲午日
11th Feb 2011 Fri clash Rabbit – 冲兔 – 正月初九丁酉日
12th Feb 2011 Sat clash Dragon – 冲龍 – 正月初十戊戍日
14tn Feb 2011 Mon clash Horse – 冲馬 – 正月十二庚子日

:- Date for Blessings / 祈福吉日.

* These are the dates to ask for blessing from heaven. Usually done in a temple.

3rd Feb 2011 Thu clash Lamb – 冲羊 – 正月初一
5th Feb 2011 Sat clash Rooster – 冲雞 – 正月初三
6th Feb 2011 Sun clash Dog – 冲狗 – 正月初四
8th Feb 2011 Tue clash Rat – 冲鼠 – 正月初六
14tn Feb 2011 Mon clash Horse – 冲馬 – 正月十二
17tn Feb 2011 Thurs clash Rooster – 冲雞 – 正月十五

:- Direction of Auspicious and Inauspicious gods on NEW YEAR day 3rd FEB 2011正月初一吉凶方位

* These would be the facing direction for your altar to the God of Prosperity / Cai Shen / 財神.
* Please take note that Cai Shen / 財神 is at the same facing direction as inauspicious Wu Gui / 五鬼 and E Shen / 噩神. It is advisable to face North East (Xi Shen / 喜神), South (Ji Men / 吉門), South East (Sheng Men / 生門) and South West (Kai-Men / 開門).

:- Time to invite auspicious gods / 接神吉時.

1) Between 12.00am to 1245am – Clash Lamb and Horse 冲羊, 冲馬.

2) Between 0300am to 0445am – Clash Lamb and Monkey 冲羊, 冲猴.

3) Between 0500am to 0645am – Clash Lamb and Rooster 冲羊, 冲雞.

4) Between 0700am to 0845am – Clash Lamb and Dog 冲羊, 冲狗.

:- Gods Direction / 吉凶方位.

Cai Shen / 財神 / Wealth god – North 正北方
Xi Shen / 喜神 / Joy God – North East 東北方
Gui Shen / 貴神/ Nobility god – North 正北方
Ji Men / 吉門/ Lucky Door – South 正南方
Sheng Men / 生門 / Living Door – South East 東南方
Kai-Men / 開門 / Open Door – South West 西南方

Wu Gui / 五鬼 / Five devils – North 正北方
Si Men / 死門 / Dead Door – North West 西北方
E Shen / 噩神 / Wicked Deity – North 正北方

* Certain almanac states that Gui Shen / 貴神/ Nobility god is from the direction South West / 西南方

Be aware that this page is for 2011. Click here for Auspicious Dates for Chinese New Year 2012

Wishing You a prosperous Chinese New Year.

*Dates above are courtesy of Ji Gong Xian Ling Tan, Kuala Lumpur.

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Thank You.

Below:- A chart that shows the directional influence in the Tung shu / Tung shing / 通勝 2011.

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20 comments to Auspicious Dates for Chinese New Year 2011

  • avatar Fiona

    Love the site and info! So useful and simple to use.

    I’ve been searching the net trying to find an auspicious day to pay respect for the blessing during the past year. Now i know next saturday is a good day 🙂

    by the way, do you have any info on how to pray/thank for the blessing? ie. which fruit to bring etc…

    • avatar Myadmin

      Hi Fiona,

      Usually it depends on what deity you pray to. Certain Deities required meat offerings while certains’s are vegetarian and some deity prohibit certain offerings. Usually 5 apples, 5 pears, a pineapple, bunch of bananas are good for offerings.

  • avatar leena

    In your dates of hanging the red cloth for chinese new year 2011, you only mention the crash dates. May i know what is the auspicious date for dragon?

    • avatar Myadmin


      Crash/Oppose means a person with the sign listed should avoid choosing that date. As for a dragon person, you should AVOID 31 Jan 2011 Mon / 十二月廿八. Any other date LISTED is good.

      Gong Xi Fa Cai 🙂

  • avatar KIM


    • avatar Myadmin

      Hi Kim,
      If you really got to start/resume work on 7 Feb, the ideal time would be between 0900am-1045am. Again, Feb 7 is not an auspicious day.

  • avatar elizabeth,ck


    • avatar Myadmin

      Since you’ve got the option of timing, anywhere between 0700am – 1045am / 辰-已時 will be just fine.

      An auspicious timing for that day is between 1300pm – 1445pm / 未時.The star Tian Yi GUI Ren / 天乙貴人 / Nobleman Star be shining at this time.

      BUT if you are born 1948 / 戊子, 1972 / 壬子, or 2008 / 壬子 this timing is INAUSPICIOUS and NOT suitable.

  • avatar Mary Yong

    hi, i am not so sure about the tai sui for horse and rat auspicious date to pray. as my self is rabbit. so the auspicious date for rabbit is 11th feb 2011 on friday. can i also help my family to pray for behalf of them. i have 2 daughters. one is goat and pig. I wonder the goat and pig is also need to pray for the white tiger?

    Thank you so much for your help.

    • avatar Myadmin

      Hi Mary,

      These are the answers to your question.

      1) There is no specific date to pray to tai Sui. It really depends on which temple you visits that provide this Tai Sui prayers. And Yes, the rabbit sign should pray to Tai Sui.

      2) Feb 11th 2011 is Inauspicious / Bad day for a rabbit person.

      3) Usually, the person who offends the white tiger should be presence at the ceremony (it would be much better). There are also certain temples around that provide these prayers on behalf of devotees. Yes, I think you should be able to pray on behalf your family member.

      4) Yes, those born under the astrological sign of PIG and LAMB should pray to the white tiger.

      Gong Xi Fa Chai – 恭喜發財.

  • avatar B

    Hi, if I’m a dragon and need to start work on 12/2/11 (1pm), is there someway I can reduce the effects of clash? I’m in the entertainment/modelling industry and am doing the events as part-time on top of studying, so does it still matter? Thank you! Appreciate your help!:)

    • avatar Myadmin

      As you know, 12 Feb 2011 is not an auspicious day for a person born in a dragon year. But fortunately 1300pm that specific day is auspicious. There isn’t much you could do beside selecting an auspicious time to start. If you could start at 1200pm the more better. There is much formulation to do if you want an auspicious day that is based on your business/career and your personal 8 character.

      All the best.

  • avatar B

    Thank you for your advice! Will report for work at 12pm (noon) as you mentioned.

    Thanks again for your help! Your reply is very helpful. Have a good year ahead too!

  • avatar B

    Oh yeah I’m 1988 dragon. Hope the timing is alright (12noon) on 12/2/11.

  • avatar J

    I am looking for an auspicious date to take an
    Exam. I am born in year of metal boar.
    Choices for feb are 19 or 26. Also what hour is good.
    Thank you!
    Happy New Year of Rabbit!

  • avatar James

    My date of birth is 8th April 1977. Born in the year of a snake.
    I’m in the agricultural and hotel field. What day is good to start work?

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