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Submited by : 贵

Sak Na To Miao-Broga / 石拿督廟-武来岸

Sak Na To Miao-Broga / 石拿督廟-武来岸.

Location:- Broga, Negeri Sembilan / 武来岸, 瓜拉庇劳.

Commonly known. Broga Sek Na To / Broga Sak Dato / 武东岸石拿督.

Pinyin:- Shi Na To. Translated to Stone Nato, a local deity.

This temple is located on Broga Hill which is now officially known as Bukit Lalang. This hill, is sitting on the border of both the states of Negeri Sembilan and Selangor.

I have visited this place many times and every time I come here, it is always crowded. Many are believed to be devotees and some are tourist coming from all over the world. They’ve definetaly developed over the years and judging from the huge space they have, i believe there is more attraction coming as they are is still doing more beautification works to the temple surrounding.

There are many smaller shrine/altars that is located around the main temple buildings. There is now a suspension bridge from the temple to the hill next to it which has a huge Sun Wu Kong / 孫悟空 / Monkey God standing on top the hill.

Primary worship in this temple is its local earthly deity, Na Du Gong / 拿督公. The view from the top is very beautiful and many visitor comes this place for it’s beautiful sunset.

Sak Na To Miao-Broga / 石拿督廟-武来岸

Sak Na To Miao-Broga / 石拿督廟-武来岸2

Sak Na To Miao-Broga / 石拿督廟-武来岸3

Sak Na To Miao-Broga / 石拿督廟-武来岸4

Sak Na To Miao-Broga / 石拿督廟-武来岸5Sak Na To Miao-Broga / 石拿督廟-武来岸6

Below:- It’s Main Altar.

Sak Na To Miao-Broga / 石拿督廟-武来岸7

Sak Na To Miao-Broga / 石拿督廟-武来岸8

Sak Na To Miao-Broga / 石拿督廟-武来岸9Sak Na To Miao-Broga / 石拿督廟-武来岸10

Below:- Magnificent view from the top.

Sak Na To Miao-Broga / 石拿督廟-武来岸11

Below:- The Sun Wu Kong / 孫悟空 on top the hill and the suspension bridge leading to it.

Sak Na To Miao-Broga / 石拿督廟-武来岸12Sak Na To Miao-Broga / 石拿督廟-武来岸13

Below:- Some of the figurine’s and attraction around the hill.

Sak Na To Miao-Broga / 石拿督廟-武来岸14

Sak Na To Miao-Broga / 石拿督廟-武来岸15Sak Na To Miao-Broga / 石拿督廟-武来岸16

Location Map / 神廟地圖

Click here to open location in GOOGLE MAP / 點擊這裡打開谷歌地圖

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