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The Third Prince Na Zha
The Third Prince Na Zha

Yu Xian Gong-Sagil / 玉仙宮-沙益

Yu Xian Gong-Sagil / 玉仙宮-沙益.

Location / 地點 :- Sagil, Tangkak, Johor / 沙益, 東甲, 柔佛.

A returning visit from Gunung Ledang once known as Mount Ophir brought us to this place. There was a signage on the main road and we just decided to follow.

Upon arrival, I was amaze of of it’s surrounding. There’s an large open ground with a palm tree plantation further in front. Standing from the front, you could see the nearby Gunung Ledang at the back of this temple. This is probably due to feng shui reason as it’s auspicious to have a mountain at a certain distance behind.

On the Main altar, sitting on the center is Zhao Zi Long / 趙子龍 (also known as Zhao Yun / 趙雲 a military general during the late Han Dynasty and early Three Kingdoms era). To it’s right is Na Cha the Third Prince / 哪叱三太子 and on it’s left is a statue of Zhao Zi Long on a White Horse. And the other two is Guan Di / 關帝 and Black face General Zhang / 张公聖君 or more commonly known as Fa Chu Gong / 法主公.

A passage on the side brought us to the inner hall of this temple, there is an altar that is dedicated to the Goddess Guan Yin / 觀音菩薩. And on the side there is a room that is use as a Yin Shrine / 陰壇. This is where the Da Er Bo Ye / 大二伯爺 altar would be.

On the outside, there is a few shrine just next to the main building. There is a Da Bo Gong / 大白公 shrine, 5 General / 五爺 shrine, Na To Gong / 嗱督公 shrine and a small cave made for the White Tiger / 白虎.

A big stage is build on the side by the temple for festival and community use.

Yu Xian Gong-Sagil / 玉仙宮-沙益1

Yu Xian Gong-Sagil / 玉仙宮-沙益2

Yu Xian Gong-Sagil / 玉仙宮-沙益3

Yu Xian Gong-Sagil / 玉仙宮-沙益4

Below:- It’s Da Bo Gong / 大白公 shrine.

Yu Xian Gong-Sagil / 玉仙宮-沙益5

Location Map / 神廟地圖

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