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Submited by : 贵

San Sheng Gong-Kuala Pilah / 三聖宮-瓜拉庇劳

San Sheng Gong-Kuala Pilah / 三聖宮-瓜拉庇劳.

Location:- along Jalan Dato Undang Johol, Kuala Pilah, Negeri Sembilan. 瓜拉庇劳, 森美兰.

Decided to take a leisure drive on the trunk roads and it brought us to this small town in Negeri Sembilan call Kuala Pilah. While searching for a place to drink, we came upon a garden beside the main road that has a chinese gateway arch on it. There is also a Chinese temple across the main road .

This gateway arch was erected by the grateful people to the memory of the Honourable Martin Lister, who was back then a british resident in Negeri Sembilan. More information about this person can be found on wiki.

Behind it, a wall with words engraved on a piece of marble that gives detail of the land owner whom is a British resident here named W.Smith declaring that this piece of land is used for a Chinese Pleasure Garden. Dated 1901. You could see the old name Kwala Pillah on it.

Moving across to the temple compound, i could clearly see the design of the temple building been build around the early 1900s. On the temple wall is another piece of engraved marble. Written on it are detail of the Reservation of land for a public purpose under the Land Enactment law 1897 which states clearly that a total of 9600 square feet land area was given to the residents here for the site of a Chinese temple, so as long as used for that purpose only. Dated 1900.

Upon entering the main temple, there is an altar for Da Bo Gong / Tua Pek Kong / 大伯公 on the left and an altar for Men Shen / 門神,The Door God on the right.

In the inner hall, The main altar worship Guan Ti (Guan Gong / Guan Yu / Kuan Ti / 關帝) the god of war along with Guan Ping / 關平 on the Right and Zhou Cang / 周倉 on it’s Left. Additionally, there is an altar on the Left which is devoted to the boy deity Tam Gung / 譚公 and the altar of the right is devoted to Si Shi Ye / 四師爺. All the altar in this temple has an antique crafted tablet of the respective deities.

This temple is more than a century old. The craft works on the main altar plus many of it interior is very antique. Old banner and signage are seen hanging on the walls. They have many replica tools used by heavenly deities and tools used by medium which is displayed in the main hall too. Definitely an experience.

San Sheng Gong-Kuala Pilah / 三聖宮-瓜拉庇劳

San Sheng Gong-Kuala Pilah / 三聖宮-瓜拉庇劳

San Sheng Gong-Kuala Pilah / 三聖宮-瓜拉庇劳

San Sheng Gong-Kuala Pilah / 三聖宮-瓜拉庇劳

Below :- An antique stone lion.

San Sheng Gong-Kuala Pilah / 三聖宮-瓜拉庇劳

San Sheng Gong-Kuala Pilah / 三聖宮-瓜拉庇劳

Below :- The Chinese Pleasure Garden opposite the temple.

San Sheng Gong-Kuala Pilah / 三聖宮-瓜拉庇劳

Location Map / 神廟地圖

Click here to open location in GOOGLE MAP / 點擊這裡打開谷歌地圖

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  • avatar rikki ng

    Thanks for this lovely an beautiful web site on Tam Kong temple at Kuala Pilah. Visited this temple three times for my prayer and also few months ago visit Tam Kong temple at Mantin for prayer. Understand there is another Tam Kong temple in Tapeh Perak, Sungkai, Ipoh. Kg Baru Bukit Pagar 3500. Tapeh Perak located at the junction Sunkai along KL – Ipoh trunk road. Appreciate if I can get some help, guidance and direction to the temple. Many thanks.

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