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Temple in Perlis
Temple in Perlis

Chung Keng Quee Memorial / 鄭景貴墓園

Chung Keng Quee Memorial / 鄭景貴墓園.

Location:- Mount Erskine, Penang / 白雲山, 檳州.

If you are a Chinese living in Penang, you ought to know who this person is.

Kapitan Chung Keng Quee / Chung Keng Kwi / Zheng Jing Gui / 甲必丹鄭景貴 is a great philanthropist and businessman who is very well respected by the Chinese and European communities in the late 19th Century.

During his time, he has donated and supported much Chinese temple and Chinese association in Penang and Perak. Many of these temple and association still resided at where they were then today. He is also a known to have headed a Chinese Secret Society named Hai San / 海山 that has it’s origins from Southern China . More information about Kapitan Chung Keng Quee can be found in Wiki.

Chung Keng Quee passes away on 13th December 1901 and is buried in the Chung family burial plot located in Mount Erskine. This tomb is known as the Region of Long life. (can’t find the Chinese name)

Don’t be fool by the photos. This tomb itself is about 8+feet in height. The offering table in front of the tomb is about 9 feet in length. I did not bring along my tools to measure the whole grave but i definitely will do during my next trip. It is also believed that this grave was build before his dead as the tomb is dated 1898.

This grave is a nice sight but if you choose to visit this place, please leave nothing other that your footprint.

Chung Keng Quee Memorial / 鄭景貴墓園1

Chung Keng Quee Memorial / 鄭景貴墓園2

Chung Keng Quee Memorial / 鄭景貴墓園3

Below :- This wide photo was taken with a Sigma 12-24mm lens. Imagine how big this place is.

Chung Keng Quee Memorial / 鄭景貴墓園4

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