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Submited by : 贵
Submited by : 贵

Zhen Long Gong-Ijok / 振龍宮-依约

Zhen Long Gong-Ijok / 振龍宮-依约.

Location:- Kampung Bukit Badong, Ijok, Selangor / 甘榜武吉巴东, 依约, 雪蘭莪.

I was told of this temple by a caretaker of another that I have visited earlier. The day is getting late and I was hoping to find this place before it gets dark.

On arrival, the caretaker here was just cleaning up the place. I was told by him that the original temple was located in a wooden house further inside the palm oil estate. I think this temple was founded on 1978 (based on the signage) and was rebuild here by the main road in 1995.

The main altar is mainly devoted to the worship of its main patron deity Na Zha San Tai Zi / 哪吒三太孑 along with Fa Zhu Gong /法主公, Fu De Zheng Shen / 福德正神, Goddess Guan Yin / Guan Yin Pu Sa / 觀音菩薩, Guan Sheng Da Di / 關聖大帝, etc…. And there is also a huge incense furnace with a Na To Gong / 嗱督公 shrine at front of this temple.

Zhen Long Gong-Ijok / 振龍宮-依约1

Zhen Long Gong-Ijok / 振龍宮-依约2

Zhen Long Gong-Ijok / 振龍宮-依约3

Location Map / 神廟地圖

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