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Jin Hai Dian
Jin Hai Dian

Lei Yin Si-Jelutong / 雷陰寺-日落洞

Lei Yin Si-Jelutong / 雷陰寺-日落洞.

Location:- Jelutong, Penang – 日落洞, 檳城.

We came to know about this temple through a book we manage to obtain during our previous trip.
It’s mentions about this temple which has deities that is more than an century old. We were lucky as a friend who is familiar with Penang was bringing us round till we saw the signage and large yellow flag on the main road.

This temple is located next to some houses so keep your eyes sharp when looking for it.

Upon arrival, we were greeted by the caretaker, people who wants to snap photos would need to ask the gods for permission by throwing two wooden blocks known as Sheng Pei / 胜杯. Once granted, you are allowed to click away. The space here is quite limited and the frontal of the temple is totally open.

The main altar worships the city god Cheng Huang Ye / Seng Wang Yeh / 城隍爺, Wen Pan Guan / 文判官 and Wu Pan Guan / 武判官, Niu Tou /Ox Head / 牛头 and Ma Mian / Horse Face / 馬面 and Da Er Bo Ye / Tua Dee Ya Pek / 大二伯爷.

On the side prayer hall, there is an altar devoted to Di Zang Wang Pu Sa / 地藏王菩薩 and another for Yu Xiao Xian Ye / 玉笑仙爺.

Opposite the main prayer hall, there is this hall with a huge green curtain covering the entrance. In this hall, one large and four small traditional Chinese coffin is been place individually with it’s altar. According to the caretaker, these coffins are used for ceremonial purposes.

Lei Yin Si-Jelutong / 雷陰寺-日落洞1

Lei Yin Si-Jelutong / 雷陰寺-日落洞2

Below:- Deities on the main altar. These are said to be more than an century old.

Lei Yin Si-Jelutong / 雷陰寺-日落洞3

Lei Yin Si-Jelutong / 雷陰寺-日落洞4

Below:- A Traditional Chinese Coffin in front of it’s altar.

Lei Yin Si-Jelutong / 雷陰寺-日落洞5

Lei Yin Si-Jelutong / 雷陰寺-日落洞6

Location Map / 神廟地圖

Click here to open location in GOOGLE MAP / 點擊這裡打開谷歌地圖

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