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Xian Si Shi Ye Gong-Serendah / 仙四師爺宮-双文丹

Xian Si Shi Ye Gong-Serendah / 仙四師爺宮-双文丹.

Location: Serendah, Selangor / 双文丹, 雪蘭莪.

This should be the twelve Shi Ye temple builded and is establish in 1898 around this country.

It has a large surrounding space suitable for festival use. A stage is build infront along with a Na To Gong / 嗱督公 shrine next to it.

There is three halls in this temple. The hall on the left consist of an altar dedicated to Lord Guan Di / 關帝. On this same altar, photos of Kapitan Yap Ah Loy / 甲必丹葉亞來 is place on the left as ancestral worships. This is probably for its philanthropic deeds back those days to the local chinese community . Also worship on the same altar at the right is Cai Shen Ye / 財神爺, the favorite prosperity god.

In the center hall, worshiped on the center altar is the patron deities Xian Shi Ye / 仙師爺 and Si Shi Ye / 四師爺. On its right, an altar is devoted to Confucius / Kong Zi / 孔子 whom is commonly worshiped by students and scholars for success in their studies or examination. An altar to the far left if dedicated to the worship of Xuan Tan Gong / 玄坛公 and an altar to the far right is dedicated to Tai Sui /太歲. Its beautiful gold painted tiger god / 虎神 is also place in this same hall.

In the right hall, an altar is devoted to the worshiped of the Goddess Kuan Yin / 觀音菩薩.

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Xian Si Shi Ye Gong-Serendah / 仙四師爺宮-双文丹1

Xian Si Shi Ye Gong-Serendah / 仙四師爺宮-双文丹2

Xian Si Shi Ye Gong-Serendah / 仙四師爺宮-双文丹3

Xian Si Shi Ye Gong-Serendah / 仙四師爺宮-双文丹4

Xian Si Shi Ye Gong-Serendah / 仙四師爺宮-双文丹5

Below :- Its Tiger God and Na To Gong.

Xian Si Shi Ye Gong-Serendah / 仙四師爺宮-双文丹6Xian Si Shi Ye Gong-Serendah / 仙四師爺宮-双文丹7

Xian Si Shi Ye Gong-Serendah / 仙四師爺宮-双文丹8

Location Map / 神廟地圖

Click here to open location in GOOGLE MAP / 點擊這裡打開谷歌地圖

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