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Jin Hai Dian
Jin Hai Dian

Shi Ye Miao-Sg.Besi / 師爺庙-新街场

Shi Ye Miao-Sg.Besi / 師爺庙-新街场.

Also known as Persatuan Penganut Dewa Sien See Sze Ya / 新街场师爷庙
Location: Off Cross Street, Pekan Sg Besi, Kuala Lumpur.

This should be the thirteen Xian Si Shi Ye temple builded in Malaysia. Founded in 1901, this temple is dedicated to its patrons deities knowns as Xian Si Shi Ye / 仙四師爺. This has been refurbish by its committee’s not long ago since much of it looks quite new.

On the temples large surrounding area, It has a stage builded opposite of the temples main entrance for performances during its festivals. There is two huge statue of Xian Shi Ye and Si Shi Ye that is builded next to the temple premises. These Xian Si Shi Ye statues are the biggest I have ever seen throughout all my Shi Ye temple excursion. Not far from that, A huge Goddess of Mercy is erected next to a small koi pond beside the temple. An unique feature, this goddess statue has a mechanism that will cause a stream of water to flow out from the vase that the goddess is holding when one kneel in front of her. And also, located just behind the pond, statues of the twelve Celestial animals of the Chinese zodiac is decorated around the garden.

There is two shrine attach together that located on the side of the temple, they are enshrined with a stone tablet known as Shi Gan Dang / 石敢當 and the deity Huo He Fu Ren / 和合夫人 individually.

On the interior, The main hall consist of multiple altar. As like all other that i have visited, the center altar is dedicated to the patron deities known as Xian Shi Ye / 仙師爺 and Si Shi Ye / 四師爺. The altar to the left is dedicated to Tan Gong Ye / 譚公爺 with another altar placed against the left wall devoted to a few other deities. An altar of the right is devoted to Lord Guan Di / 關帝, a famous character in the historical novel Romance of the Three Kingdom / 三國演義.

In between those altars, there are a few deities worshipped here. Among them are Tai Sui Ye / 太歲爺, Zhao Gong Ming aka Chou Kung Ming / 趙公明 whom is also known as a member of the Wu Lu Cai Shen / 五路财神, Bai Hu / White Tiger / 白虎 and Cai Shen / 財神.

Placed against the right wall, an beautifully crafted altar is devoted to the Goddess Guan Yin / Guan Yin Pu Sa / 觀音菩薩. It is three feet plus in height and made of porcelain. Beautifully crafted, it stand on the altar extravagantly.

And also, this place has a set of beautiful painted tile murals of the heavenly deities on the inside above the main door. An antique bronze bell with a strange looking mystical creature as its crown are on display too. With a Drum above it, this bell would most probably be as old as the temple.

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Shi Ye Miao-Sg.Besi / 師爺庙-新街场2

Shi Ye Miao-Sg.Besi / 師爺庙-新街场3

Shi Ye Miao-Sg.Besi / 師爺庙-新街场4Shi Ye Miao-Sg.Besi / 師爺庙-新街场5

Shi Ye Miao-Sg.Besi / 師爺庙-新街场6Shi Ye Miao-Sg.Besi / 師爺庙-新街场7

Shi Ye Miao-Sg.Besi / 師爺庙-新街场8

Shi Ye Miao-Sg.Besi / 師爺庙-新街场9

Shi Ye Miao-Sg.Besi / 師爺庙-新街场10

Location Map / 神廟地圖

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