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The Third Prince Na Zha
The Third Prince Na Zha

Long Bang Gu Miao-Kalumpang / 龍邦古廟-龍邦

Long Bang Gu Miao-Kalumpang / 龍邦古廟-龍邦.

Location:- Kalumpang, Selangor / 龍邦, 雪蘭莪.

also known as Kalumpang Old Temple.

After some work at Tanjung Malim / 丹绒马林, we decided to stop by some stalls in town for refreshments. This stalls which is located next to an old abandoned REX theater is fill with variety of foods. Sipping down my coffee and wondering where I could locate the nearest temple. Just as we were leaving, i decided to inquire the rice seller. Speaking in hokkien, all he could think off is this “Lom Pang Ko Beow”. He mention that it is the oldest temple near that area. In fact, i’ve already planed to visit this place after my appointment today.

About a 15 kilometer drive south from Tanjung Malim, Kalumpang is a small little town located on the northern region of Selangor. It was founded around 1883 and the Chinese were brought in to work the mines back then. And as like many other Xian Si Shi Ye Temple, this temple could probably be build by the miners whom has build their homes around here then. Build in 1902, this would be the 14th Xian Shi Si Ye temple builded in Malaysia. This place was definitely easy to find as it is the only old temple in this area. Known as “Ko Beow” (a Hokkien word for the meaning of “Old Temple) to the locals, it is situated near a police station. It has a large open field on its side and at it’s front. A stage for chinese opera or festival purposes is also build in front of this temple. Some small hill are also seen not far from here. There is also probably a old mining pond near by too. For a city person, this view is quite enjoyable.

There were already some devotees performing their offerings when we arrive. There is a total of three section in this temple. The section on the left houses their administrative hall while the section on the center is where the main prayer hall is located. And lastly the section to the right is devoted to the Goddess of Mercy, Guan Yin / Guan Yin Pu Sa / 觀音菩薩.

It’s main altar which is beautifully crafted houses two huge deity. The deity on the left is known as Xian Shi Ye / 仙師爺 and on its side, Lord Guan Di / 關帝. An old tablet devoted to Xian Si Shi Ye / 仙四師爺 is also placed on the center here. An altar for the offerings of its large statue of Cai Shen / 財神 is placed by the left side of the altar. And on the other side, an altar is devoted to Zhou Cang / 周倉. Zhou is commonly seen standing next to Lord Guan carrying guan’s blade. Other deities included in this temple are Jin Hua Niang Niang / 金花娘娘, Tai Sui / 太歲 and etc.

A frequent visitor who lives near by were around to explain a little about the deities and it’s history. I was told that that during the turbulence period of china, the famous revolutionary and founding father of the “Republic of China”, Dr. Sun Yat Sen / 孫逸仙. Whom was in Malaya to raised money for his revolutionary party and to support uprising in China had once spend a night this temple’s. It’s unfortunate that he doesn’t has more information.

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Long Bang Gu Miao-Kalumpang / 龍邦古廟-龍邦1

Long Bang Gu Miao-Kalumpang / 龍邦古廟-龍邦2

Long Bang Gu Miao-Kalumpang / 龍邦古廟-龍邦3

Long Bang Gu Miao-Kalumpang / 龍邦古廟-龍邦4Long Bang Gu Miao-Kalumpang / 龍邦古廟-龍邦5

Below:- Zhou Cang / 周倉 by its altar.

Long Bang Gu Miao-Kalumpang / 龍邦古廟-龍邦6

Long Bang Gu Miao-Kalumpang / 龍邦古廟-龍邦7Long Bang Gu Miao-Kalumpang / 龍邦古廟-龍邦8

Location Map / 神廟地圖

Click here to open location in GOOGLE MAP / 點擊這裡打開谷歌地圖

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2 comments to Long Bang Gu Miao-Kalumpang / 龍邦古廟-龍邦

  • avatar Brian Cheong

    This temple was build by my great grandfather, Cheong Ah Peng who at that era owns and operates the tin mine in front of the temple. He was a very prominent tin miner. The main road in Tanjung Malim ( where a few banks are located) ) is named after him , Jalan Cheong Ah Peng.

    • avatar AdminMy72dragon

      Hi Brian, thanks for sharing. If you got more info regarding this temple and its founder, i’ll be glad to put it up here. Thanks again..Cheers.

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