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Bei Di Miao
Bei Di Miao

Ci De Miao-Kukup / 慈德廟-龜咯

Ci De Miao-Kukup / 慈德廟-龜咯.

Location:- Kukup, Pontian, Johor / 龜咯, 笨珍, 柔佛州.

Aka Rumah Berhala Tze Teck Kukup Laut.

After visiting Tanjung Piai which is also known as the Southern Most Tip of Mainland Asia, we arrive at this small fishing village late and decided to put up a night here. After settling down, we decide to do some walkabout and we came upon a few chinese temple in this village that is mostly build on stilt. Photos of this temple were taken in two session.

This temple is build with a watchtower at it back overlooking the village and towards the sea. It is about three storey high and the view from above is very pleasant to the eyes too.

At its front, a stage is at its final construction progress and a small shrine at it’s side is build devoted to the worship of Hai Lung Wang / Dragon king/ 海龍王. Here it is known as Si Hai Lung Wang / 四海龍王. This deity is known to bless fisherman with good harvest and safe journey at sea. During the time of imperial china, Lung Wang is also a patron deities to many ferry men’s and water carriers.

On the inside, the background of the altar is painted to look like a cave and the art work is so realistic that it almost real.

Three deity is worshipped on this altar. From left to right, they are known as Huang Lao Xian Shi / 黄老仙師, Da Sheng Fo Zu / 大聖佛祖 And Tai Shang Lao Jun / 太上老君.

Ci De Miao-Kukup / 慈德廟-龜咯

Ci De Miao-Kukup / 慈德廟-龜咯 2

Ci De Miao-Kukup / 慈德廟-龜咯 3

Ci De Miao-Kukup / 慈德廟-龜咯 4

Below:- Hai Lung Wang / 海龍王.

Ci De Miao-Kukup / 慈德廟-龜咯 5

Ci De Miao-Kukup / 慈德廟-龜咯 6

Ci De Miao-Kukup / 慈德廟-龜咯 7

Location Map / 神廟地圖

Click here to open location in GOOGLE MAP / 點擊這裡打開谷歌地圖

Ci De Miao-Kukup / 慈德廟-龜咯 – My Time – – Cataloging Chinese temples in Malaysia / 記錄馬來西亞廟宇文化.

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