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Jin Hai Dian
Jin Hai Dian

Hanging Red / 掛紅

Hanging Red / 掛紅

Red Cloth above the Door :-

Couple of people has ask me what has hanging a red cloth over the main door got to do with feng shui. Well, theoretically not much. Chinese culture and custom goes way back. As they say China has 5000 years of history and 7000 years of culture. I wouldn’t know when this practice really started or from where exactly but I’ve heard of some theories that may explain this practice.

For many centuries, the color red it known to bring good luck and it’s has always been an important and auspicious color to the Chinese. It is used by the chinese in all auspicious occasion.

There are a few version on how the custom of hanging the red cloth come to existence.

According to legend, a mythical beast know as Nian Shou / 年獸 would come out from its habitat during the Chinese new year to harm its nearby villager. And through experience’s, the villagers knows that the beast is afraid of loud noises and the color red. From then on, people would lit firecracker and and dress in red during Chinese New Year to scare away the mythical beast from their village. . People would also hang a piece of red cloth over the main door of their house’s to prevent the mythical beast from entering their home. So the practice was followed then onwards.

In another version,

It was told to me that during those golden days, the tossing of a chicken comb or chicken blood onto the rooftop is practice. The comb which symbolize the color red is said to dispel bad lucks and to prevent black magic. It was also mention to me that certain families during chinese new year, would do the same. Definitely, the rare few. The remain of the chicken will be serve at the reunion dinner later. It is said that this will prevent bad luck to it occupants throughout the year. So over the years, a red cloth is place over the main door to replace the comb tossing method.

On an extra note, In certain sect of taoism, the blood from a chicken comb is also commonly use. In certain “consecration of a statue to a deity / Kai Guang / 開光” and amulet writings rituals, the comb’s blood is used. This blood is also a symbol of purification.

In modern days, chinese families who just move in to their new house would also hang a red cloth over their maindoor. Many has said that by hanging it over the main door, it will prevent spirit from going into the premise and at the same time ushering good luck. Chinese businesses that has just started on a new premise would also do the same.

So if you are doing so, keep in mind that It will not make your business prosper just by hanging a red cloth over your office main door. It is there to signify that you’ve just open for business and of course with a red cloth over the maindoor, people will also be attracted and definitely be looking in.

Some of these red cloth has the image of the 8 immortal. They are usually use for openings. And when you see a red cloth with the image of the dragon and phoenix, it means somebody in the house is getting married.

There is no feng shui significant but very much about custom and culture. The most common time you will see a Chinese family hang a red cloth over their main door is during Chinese new year. This is to symbolize a new beginning of great wealth and great health. The red cloth is also used as an invitation banner to the god of prosperity / cai shen.

If you are deciding to place the red cloth over the main door, do view my other post on “Auspicious Dates for Chinese New Year” to get an auspicious date for doing so.

Hanging Red / 掛紅

Hanging Red / 掛紅 – My Time – – Cataloging Chinese temples in Malaysia / 記錄馬來西亞廟宇文化.

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24 comments to Hanging Red / 掛紅

  • avatar yelay saenz

    whe I need to hanging a red cloth a front door but for outside to the street or inside.

  • avatar Ho Wai Lok

    May I know when is the good date & time for hanging red? Thanks

  • avatar ade

    what is the auspicious date to hang red door banner for cny 2014

  • avatar wise

    what is the auspicious time/hour to hang red for cny 2014 for each of the date you listed?

    • avatar admin


      The dates are formulated by a Chinese temple and no time were mention in it. Many factors are put into consideration when you want to personalize it. Kindly refer to a professional or a chinese almanac for an auspicious timing.

      Happy Chinese New Year.

  • avatar Wong Weng Thim

    Can anything item replace the red cloth if I don’t want the cloth to be hanged over the door?

  • avatar Sally

    Hi master,
    My main gate got a small fake rooster standing on the gate which is directly facing my neighbour gate . My placing of rooster is just for decorate . Now my neighbour placing an convex round protruding mirror directly facing my gate . She refused to remove the mirror even I took out the fake rooster . What should I do to prevent any bad energy to my house ? Is there any cure or prevention since she insisted do not want to remove the mirror. Can I use the red cloth to hang on my door to prevent it ?
    Greatly appreciated & many thanks

    • avatar AdminMy72dragon

      Sometimes, feng shui cures between neighbours create more issue than bringing good luck. I’ve personally seen people physically fight over these things. The red cloth does not help in this issue. I am no Master but to my understanding, from certain feng shui school, a rooster is use as a cure for certain bad feng shui issue’s. If you think the convex mirror would effect you, i would suggest you get a feng shui person to take a look at the matter. A good feng shui person should be able to apply a cure without your neighbour noticing.

  • avatar Kalaiselvam

    How do we defferentiate the red cloth hang in front of a chinese wedding house, whether it is a bride or a bridegroom house, Thank You

  • If I never God/pray at home can I hang 掛紅 in front of my main door?

  • avatar Randy Hiu

    Hi, I would like to know when do I hang the “Red Cloth” for the Chinese Wedding Custom ? Is it on the day of Betrothal Date (过大礼) OR on the Actual Wedding Date ? Please advise. Thanks.

  • avatar Arlyne

    Is that on the inside or the outside of the door? I would like to give that a try.

  • Hi
    May l know when is the best time and date to hang red in 2017.
    Thank you.

    • avatar AdminMy72dragon


      Kindly view my post for “Auspicious dates from Chinese New Year 2017” to select an auspicious date. The dates are formulated by a Chinese temple and no time were mention in it. Do refer to a professional or a chinese almanac for an auspicious timing. Cheers.

      Happy Chinese New Year.

  • avatar Alex Teo.

    Ancient Chinese cultures are closely related to 天 父 i.e. the Almighty God or Heavenly Father.
    God’s angel of death came to strike dead the 1st born of Egypt to compel pharoah, the ruler of Egypt to release the children of God free from slavery & hard bondage.
    God instruct the slaves to cover/smear their doorframe with the blood of the lamb. When the angel of death notice this red sign, they will passby & not destroy anyone inside this home.
    So red cloth over door frames during wedding, CNY or opening of new business are meant for protection.
    But over the years, Chinese people have changed it’s true meaning. They invented their own believe to say it means for good luck, for happiness etc.

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