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Submited by : 贵

Chiau Hooi Beo-Kuala Kangsar / 昭惠廟-江沙

Chiau Hooi Beo-Kuala Kangsar / 昭惠廟-江沙.

Pinyin:- Zhao Hui Miao

Location:- Kuala Kangsar, Perak / 江沙, 霹雳州.

Following the trunk road to this royal town of Perak , we decided to stop by for coffee as it was already a long journey. The owner of the coffee shop were able to chit chat a little with us. Talking about the livelihood of the Chinese community here, she mention that the oldest Chinese temple in this area is located not faraway. Upon hearing more, we decided to visit this temple.

On arrival, we were greeted by a huge Pai Lou / 牌樓 along with two long poles with colored flags raise to the top. This temple has a stage on its opposite for festival purposes and its Na To Gong / 嗱督公 shrine is located not faraway. A multi purpose hall is also build next to the temple for its community use. On todays visit, huge dragon joss sticks were arranged in line at its front suggesting to me that this temple should be doing it’s annual celebration soon.

Chiau Hooi Beo-Kuala Kangsar / 昭惠廟-江沙

Chiau Hooi Beo-Kuala Kangsar / 昭惠廟-江沙 2

Just as we entered the prayer hall, we were greeted by an elderly lady whom is the caretaker of this temple. Introduce to us as madam Toh / 杜女仕, she permitted us to document this location and at the same time filling us with information pertaining this temple. On a walkers due to stroke a while back, she would still insist to moved around without our assistance at the same time explaining precious informations. I couldn’t help thinking on what she’ve seen over many year in this temple.

A large offering table in front of the altar is arrange with huge size candles readying for its celebration. According to the caretaker, these candles will lit for a full month.

Chiau Hooi Beo-Kuala Kangsar / 昭惠廟-江沙 3

Chiau Hooi Beo-Kuala Kangsar / 昭惠廟-江沙 4Chiau Hooi Beo-Kuala Kangsar / 昭惠廟-江沙 5

Chiau Hooi Beo-Kuala Kangsar / 昭惠廟-江沙 6

A brief history of this temple and the journey of it’s deities coming to Malaya begins in the 1887 where a young man by the name of Ng Seng from Nan’an / 南安 , China visited a local temple to pled to Zhu Gong Yuan Shuai / 朱公元帥 for a safe journey to Malaya. He brought along 3 small deities in a weaved bamboo basket and travel the rough journey from China to Malaya. This bamboo basket is still placed in display at the office of this temple. Arriving safely at sungai petani, Kedah to seek for employment, he was thankful that what he had pled for was answered. So in 1892, he moved to Kuala Kangsar to work in a rubber plantation bringing along the deities he journeyed with from china. On an extra note, kuala kangsar is where the first rubber tree was planted in Malaya.

Much of the people working in the estate are from the same province. Lacking of a place of worship, they would visit Ng’s house to pray to the deity. In 1923, frequent visitors suggested to raise funds and build a place of worship dedicated to the patron deity Zhu Gong Yuan Shuai. At the same time, one of the early founder visited the original temple in Nan’an, China to invite another deity known as San Wei She Ren Gong / 三位舍人公 to be worship in this temple here.

This land where the temple sits on was actually a coconut plantation that was donated by a Mr P.C. Dury. In return the deity in this temple helped cured him from certain sickness. After been cured, he also donated a incense furnace to the temple in repayment of the miracle help he received. This old furnace still stand till today. In 1975, it’s committee’s begin erecting a beautiful Pau Lou and the temple was refurbish. And in 1978, it had a grand re-opening where many of its surrounding community attended.

Chiau Hooi Beo-Kuala Kangsar / 昭惠廟-江沙 7

Below:- Its wealth god Yi Jian Fa Chai / 一見發財 and the weaved bamboo basket that carried the deities in 1887.

Chiau Hooi Beo-Kuala Kangsar / 昭惠廟-江沙 8Chiau Hooi Beo-Kuala Kangsar / 昭惠廟-江沙 9

This temple has a five section altar in it’s main prayer hall. Beginning from the far left, an altar is devoted to the worship of Zhu Sheng Niang Niang / 注生娘娘 along with Goddess Guan Yin / Guan Yin Pu Sa / 觀音菩薩, Tian Hou Niang Niang / 天后娘娘, etc. Followed by an altar devoted to its 5 General / Wu Ye Yuan Shuai / 五爺元帥.

The center altar is devoted to their main patron deity Zhu Gong Yuan Shuai / 朱公元帥 along with Wen Wu Xiang Gong / 文武相公, San Wei She Ren Gong / 三位舍人公, Na Zha San Tai Zi / 哪吒三太孑, etc. While its White Tiger / Bai Hu / 白虎 is worshipped right below this center altar.

Followed by an altar devoted to its Lord Tai Sui / 太歲 and lastly, the altar to the far right is devoted to Fu De Zheng Shen / 福德正神. Other deities worshipped on this altar includeds Qi Tian Da Sheng / 齊天大聖, Guan Sheng Da Di / 關聖大帝, etc. On the side, an altar is build for the worship of their wealth god Yi Jian Fa Chai / 一見發財 also commonly known as Da Bo Ye / Tua Ya Pek / 大伯爺. Standing a straight on the altar, this deity is known to bring wealth luck to its worshippers.

Chiau Hooi Beo-Kuala Kangsar / 昭惠廟-江沙 10

Location Map / 神廟地圖

Click here to open location in GOOGLE MAP / 點擊這裡打開谷歌地圖

Chiau Hooi Beo-Kuala Kangsar / 昭惠廟-江沙 – My Time – – Cataloging Chinese temples in Malaysia / 記錄馬來西亞廟宇文化.

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