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Shan Ling Gong-Kuala Lumpur / 善靈宮-吉隆坡

Shan Ling Gong-Kuala Lumpur / 善靈宮-吉隆坡.

Location: Jalan Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur / 吉隆坡

Also known as Persatuan Penganut Dewa Shan Ling Gong. 

This small temple, located next to a bigger temple in Kampung Kasipillay, is dedicated to the worshipped of its patron deity the famous deity Ji Gong Huo Fo / 濟公活佛. It has been establish here for many years but the exact date is not known. Ji Gong, usually depicted caring a wine bottle wearing a buddhist robe is known to help people mysteriously with his mystical fan. He is said to be the incarnate of the Xiang Long Luo Han / 降龍羅漢, a member of the legendary Eighteen Lou Han (arhat).

Locating this temple would be a difficult task as it is hidden from public view with no signage leading to this place. Devotee’s whom are destined to locate this place will find it.

But based on its photo albums, it has quite a number of devotees from all walks of life. It also shows the grand celebration it once held.

Shan Ling Gong-Kuala Lumpur / 善靈宮-吉隆坡

Architectualy,  this temple is builded wide open without walls. The reason according to the caretaker, was to provide a sense of nature, openness and freedom as it used to have a huge garden with a few fruit trees in front. It was only after the land was purchase by a developer that it was condoned off till the front of the temple. The front is so cramp up till we couldn’t even take a photo of the whole temple.

It’s altar is simple with multiple deities worshipped on it. To name a few, they includes Goddess Guan Yin Pu Sa / 觀音菩薩, Fa Zhu Gong /法主公, Da Bo Gong / 大伯公, Guang Ze Zun Wang / 廣澤尊王, General Zhao Gong Ming / 趙公明, Guan Sheng Da Di / 關聖大帝, Na Zha San Tai Zi / 哪吒三太孑, Qi Tian Da Sheng / 齊天大聖, etc. While smaller shrine on the side is devoted to its local guardian deity Na Du Gong / 嗱督公 and by its side, the White tiger deity, Bai Hu / 白虎.

Shan Ling Gong-Kuala Lumpur / 善靈宮-吉隆坡 2

Shan Ling Gong-Kuala Lumpur / 善靈宮-吉隆坡 3

A shelves cabinet on the side displays it many Wu Chia Pi liquor that is use by Ji Gong during mediumship. These liquor is said to be used to cure multiple illness as it contain certain medicinal properties.

A small room painted in green by the side of the main altar is dedicated to the worshipped of its Yin deities. These includes Cheng Huang Ye / 城隍爺, Da Bo Ye / 大伯爷, Er Bo Ye / 二伯爷, Xiao Zi Ye / 孝子爺, Niu Tou Ma Mian / 牛头馬面, etc. Two larger statue of Da Bo Ye and Er Bo Ye is also arrange by the side of its main altar.

Shan Ling Gong-Kuala Lumpur / 善靈宮-吉隆坡 4

A little story was told to me about the main jigong deity on the altar.  Many years ago this deity was found on a tree branch not far from here. Two boys in their teens were on their way to a friends place till they came upon this jigong statue that was sitting on a tree branch.

Since one of the boy is a practising medium for another temple, and felt that the deity shouldn’t be left like that, he decided to carry the Ji Gong deity back home and be place on the altar for the purpose of worship and meditation. 

Strangely as times goes by, people came knocking in the door looking for a Ji Gong medium. Gradually, devotees started pouring in. A bigger altar was build and a bigger incense pot was purchased.

As time passes, there wasn’t enough space for the devotee and they started to reconstruct another altar at the garden while the wooden house next to it is used for meditation and living quarters for its caretaker and members. In here, you would find a huge mural of Ji Gong Huo Fo at the living hall.

This post is written during the time it receive a demolition order from the authority. It is now said that the temple sits on the entrance of the neighbouring land but territorial plans show otherwise. Hopefully, all will ends well.

More about the demolition notice can be found here.

Shan Ling Gong-Kuala Lumpur / 善靈宮-吉隆坡 5

Location Map / 神廟地圖

Click here to open location in GOOGLE MAP / 點擊這裡打開谷歌地圖

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