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Lian Hua An-Titi / 連花庵-知知港

Lian Hua An-Titi / 連花庵-知知港

aka Li Wang Lian Hua An / 梨旺連花庵 / Tokong Lian Fah Am – The oldest temple in Titi / 知知港.

Location :- Titi, Jelebu, Negeri Sembilan / Location:- 知知港, 日叻务, 森美兰州.

Travelling from Hulu Langat via Selangor State Route B32, one would definitely have to keep their eyes wide open as there are many blind corner along with wildlife crossings. It was a blessing that there weren’t much other vehicle. So we had a slow drive through. Beknown, there is no phone reception on certain part of this route.

This road connect to the Negeri Semblian State Route N32, (Jalan Semenyih-Kuala Klawang) and after the many turns, we were already looking for a place to stretch our backs, thats when we came upon a signage by the mainroad leading to this temple.

Located on a slightly elevated ground, it does has a peaceful and calm surrounding with a view towards the foothills of the Titiwangsa Mountains. At the front-yard, there is a small pond with lotus flowering on my visit. To me, thats an auspicious sign.

Lian Hua An-Titi / 連花庵-知知港

Lian Hua An-Titi / 連花庵-知知港 2

Lian Hua An-Titi / 連花庵-知知港 3

On the inside, there are many boards with name of contributor and photos of celebration done yesteryears hanging by the wall. There is also many colourful flower offered on the offering altar. According to the information board inside, this is known as the oldest surviving temple in Titi area dated back to 1876. There is also a photo of the old temple before its rebuilding in 1982.

Titi was discovered in the early 19th century and the town bloom due to its tin mining and rubber plantation businesses. Many chinese where brought in to work as labourers and founded smaller village nearby. Unfortunately during the Japanese occupation, many villagers were massacre. This dark event is known as the Titi Massacre. To read more about the massacre, visit here and here

It was during the Japanese occupation, the villagers of Sungai Muntoh / 雙溪文都新村 invited and placed the goddess statue in the village Lian Hua An branch temple, so that local residents could find spiritual sustenance.

Lian Hua An-Titi / 連花庵-知知港 4Lian Hua An-Titi / 連花庵-知知港 5

Lian Hua An-Titi / 連花庵-知知港 6

The main altar is dedicated to the worshipped of its main patron deity Nan Hai Guan Yin / 南海觀音. Other deities worshipped on this altar included Jin Tong Yu Nu / 金童玉女, Xuan Tan Yuan Shuai / 玄壇元帥 aka Marshall Zhao Gong Ming / 趙公明, Wei Tuo Pu Sa / 韋馱菩萨, Wen Shu Pu Sa / 文殊菩薩 and a tablet dedicated to Shi Ma Jiang Jun / 石馬將軍.

It Na To Gong / 嗱督公, shrine is situated at the front yard while another shrine by the side of this temple is dedicated to You Yuen Gong / 有願公.

A building further in, I believe, is used for its festival purposes. And not to miss out, a durian tree (fruiting while we’re there) in between both buildings. When it ripe’s, the comittees would definitely enjoy.

No further information can be obtain here as there were nobody around during our visit.

Lian Hua An-Titi / 連花庵-知知港 7

Lian Hua An-Titi / 連花庵-知知港 8

Location Map / 神廟地圖

Click here to open location in GOOGLE MAP / 點擊這裡打開谷歌地圖

Lian Hua An-Titi / 連花庵-知知港 – My Time – – Cataloging Chinese temples in Malaysia / 記錄馬來西亞廟宇文化.

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