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Bei Di Miao
Bei Di Miao

Jin Ying Tan-Rawang / 金英壇-萬撓

Jin Ying Tan-Rawang / 金英壇-萬撓.

Location:- Rawang, Selangor / 萬撓, 雪兰莪.

Pronounce as Kam Ying Tan in cantonese. I think the direct chinese character translation will be golden hero. This temple is located at the side of a hill over looking a small town. It took a while to locate this place which i have to travel through a chinese village to get there.

The are many deities on the main altar. I would not be able to tell you all their names. 🙂 The main central altar worships the god Jin Ying Zu Shi / Grandmaster Jin Ying (金英祖師)

Jin Ying Tan-Rawang / 金英壇-萬撓

Below:- Main Altar

Jin Ying Tan-Rawang / 金英壇-萬撓

Location Map / 神廟地圖

Click here to open location in GOOGLE MAP / 點擊這裡打開谷歌地圖

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4 comments to Jin Ying Tan-Rawang / 金英壇-萬撓

  • avatar greg

    Yes, the central figure is Jin Ying, flanked by his
    left(the right from our view) is Mao Shan Fa Zu and the left from
    our view is Teo Yuan Tong Shi(Goddess). Under the Jin Ying
    altar/shrine they are a trinity of sworn group. The rest of the
    other altars are what we normally see in other temples. Jin Ying
    are not normal deity one would find in ordinary household altars
    reason being that they are deities that belong to those practise in
    talismanic courses such as exorcism, white magic even some black
    ones too but on a lesser degree as it depends of the usage of
    warding black using black. As I have been informed that Jin Ying is
    particularly strict in discipline with its practitioners(disciples)
    learn and indulge in negative uses from the talismanic practises
    those that go astray. Jin Ying is also known for its potent
    talismans to protect from bodily harm.

  • avatar eu

    how to go Jin Ying Tan-Rawang? do u have map?

  • avatar teugene50


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