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The Third Prince Na Zha
The Third Prince Na Zha

Kapitan Chung Keng Quee Memorial / 甲必丹鄭景貴墓園

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Chung Keng Quee Memorial / 鄭景貴墓園.

Location:- Mount Erskine, Penang / 白雲山, 檳州.

If you are a Chinese living in Penang, you ought to know who this person is.

Kapitan Chung Keng Quee / Chung Keng Kwi / Zheng Jing Gui / 甲必丹鄭景貴 is a great philanthropist and […]

Foo Choo Choon Memorial / 胡子春墓園

Foo Choo Choon Memorial / 胡子春墓園.

Location, Mount Erskine, Penang / 白雲山, 檳州.

Mr Foo Choo Choon / Hu Zi Chun / 胡子春 born 30th July 1860 is a known Philanthropist, a Tin miner,a Businessman in Penang and Perak. More information about him can be found on Wiki.

Mr Foo Choo Choon passes away on […]

Offering to White Tiger / 拜白虎

Offering to White Tiger / 拜白虎.

The time for people to worship the White Tiger / 白虎 deity to seek safety and to ward off troublemakers or people who has ill intention against you for the year will soon arrive.

Every year prayers for white tiger will begin as usual on the third season of […]

Wu Lou / Hulu / 葫蘆

Wu Lou / Hulu / 葫蘆.

Also known as bottle gourd or calabash. It is a common vegetable eaten in china and also used as a traditional Chinese medicine. When dried out it could be use as a bottle or more commoly today as a feng shui cure. Also commonly use an offering in Chinese […]

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