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Bei Di Miao
Bei Di Miao

Tian Hou Kong-Tumpat / 天后宮-道北

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Tian Hou Kong-Tumpat / 天后宮-道北.

also known as Rumah Ibadat Tian Hou Kong.

Location:- Tumpat, Kelantan / 道北, 吉蘭丹州.

GPS Coordinates:- N6.1952, E102.1718

A friend whom i’ve visited in Setiu, Terengganu mention about this small temple he came across while exploring an area called Tumpat. And since we […]

Hua Guang Miao-Mancis / 華光廟-文積

Hua Guang Miao-Mancis / 華光廟-文積

Location :- Mancis, Pahang / 文積, 彭亨州.

While having coffee in a small town Mancis, i was told by some of its regular patrons of the coffee shop that a temple is located not far from town. Since it was along the route, we decided to located this temple. Upon […]

Bei Di Gong-Mancis / 北帝宮-文積

Bei Di Gong-Mancis / 北帝宮-文積.

Location :- Mancis, Pahang / 文積, 彭亨州.

The 1st time i visited this place was about 5-6years ago. The gates were open and much people here. Most were seen offering incense and joss papers. Back then, this place has a running stream from the hills. And the water is piped […]

Long He Kong-Klang / 龍和宮-巴生

Long He Kong-Klang / 龍和宮-巴生.

PinYin :- Long He Gong Location:- Klang, Selangor / 巴生, 雪兰莪州.


This chinese temple was doing it annual celebration when we arrive. It altar is dedicated to the worshipped of its main patron deity Na To Gong / 嗱督公. There […]

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