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Bei Di Miao
Bei Di Miao

2010 Graveyard shift - Seventh month.

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7th month Night Cemetery prayers.

This year the chinese 7th month graveyard night prayers went through smooth and well. At about 10:30pm, everybody left the temple heading to the chinese cemetery in the heart of kuala lumpur.

The prayers started about 11:15pm and ended about 01:00am. The […]

Turtle Shell and Coins Oracle

Turtle Shell and Coins Oracle.

There are many methods used for Chinese coin divination. One that is rarely seen are the ones that uses a turtle shell.

Certain masters would do prayers before the session. Some that i have seen would do prayers to the deity Gui Gu Zi / 鬼谷子 aka Gui Gu Xian […]

Graveyard Shift-Qing Ming

Well, We started early for prayers this year. Everything went on pretty well.

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