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Bei Di Miao
Bei Di Miao

News and Announcement

Here is all the announcement of any upcoming news on my future destination and web development.

Ads Banners

01 Nov 2015 – Beginning to set feature image on post due to error on sharing.

14 Jul 2015 – Fix those ugly Ad banners. Looks better now.

Going Mobile

26 Jun 2015 – Removed Mobile Theme – So how its too inconvenient.

25 Jun 2015 – Experimenting with mobile theme.

Photo Upload Widget

23 Jun 2015 – Added a photo upload to gallery on the side bar.

Google Map link

17 April 2014 – Gradually adding link of location to open in Google Map.

Location map

01 February 2013 – Reinstalling the location maps on every post gradually for ease of use. I disable it 2 years ago as it was running on a different platform that cant handle the load.

Email subscription change

03 November 2012 – Due to “too’ many bots registering on my site, i’ve decided to send new post notification via Google Feedburner. It is still in “EXPERIMENTAL STAGE”. It would be healthy and to keep all subscriber’s email safe from been compromise.

More Pages soon

19 October 2012 – Working on more PAGES for the site. Hope all works fine and it will be up soon.

May Server Down

18 May 2012 – Site up again but we’ve not been able to detect the reason of the high CPU usage.

17 May 2012 – Receive an mail from Shinjiru Webhost on high apparent CPU usage on the the site so it’s currently down for further check.

Server Down 2012

11/12/13 Jan 2012 – Server was down effecting mails and website. All is running fine now

Removed GPS Coordinates

01/12/2011 – All GPS coordinates to Graves and Memorials has been deleted to prevent desecration.

Mobile Support

03/11/2011 – Added Mobile themes for mobile devices. Will try this for 2 weeks.


01/05/2011 – Added a Map with marker’s on LISTED TEMPLE section.

Share it!!!

29/04/2011 – Added an additional share button for every post.

Error 404 Today

22/04/2011 – There were some Error 404 issues for the past 6 hours. Its FIXED now.

Contact Form

11am 21/04/2011 – I have created a Contact Form for those who wishes to contact me under the CONTACT menu. You could use that form to introduce me to new temple’s or if you need to know anything about this blog.

FaceBook Pages

6pm 14/04/2011 – I have created a facebook page for this blog. There you would be updated with any information regarding the blog (in case the server fails). Feel free to follow us on FaceBook.

Service interuption on 1530 11 April 2011 till 1800 13 April 2011.

6pm 13/04/2011 – All is Good now.

2pm 13/04/2011 – Blog is Up on the new platform which i notice is faster and hopefully less frequent down time. I hope the DNS propagation is completely done by now. I will be doing some changes to the blog to speed it up more. Will restore all function when i complete.

3.30pm 11/04/2011 – This site will be UP’s and Down’s these 2 weeks. Due to frequent downtime, I will be moving this blog to a new server (window to linux platfrorm (and hopefully not a new domain)). I will need to rebuild the whole blog if i am unable to move/migrate from the current platform.
I have temporary disable the REGISTER function.

New Domain

10 May 2010 – This is a result of 12+ hours fun working on the blogsite. With much trial and error. I do hope you like the layout. do let me know if there is any errors. Enjoy your visit. Thank you.

My Time – – A web blog cataloging chinese temples in malaysia.