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Bei Di Miao
Bei Di Miao

Chinese Bone Exhuming / Shi Jin / 拾金

Chinese Bone Exhuming / Shi Jin / 拾金.

Today, I was invited to observe the exhumation of a Chinese grave belonging to a Shum family in Kampar, Perak. And with permission, I was allowed to post some photos of the process. Just as the exhumation begins to start, I notice a tree on the side […]

The Orang Asli Exhibition on Believes and Traditions

The Orang Asli Exhibition on Believes and Traditions

The Indigenous Peoples Exhibition on Believes and Traditions / Pameran Orang Asli: Kepercayaan & Tradisi.

Location:- National Museum Malaysia / Museum Negara Malaysia.

I drove pass the national museum a few weeks ago and saw a billboard of this unique exhibition. I’ve been reminding myself to […]

Zhao Yu Memorial / 趙煜墓園

Zhao Yu Memorial / 趙煜墓園.

Location:-Kuala Lumpur Kwong Tong Cemetery / 吉隆坡广东义山.

I came to know about this grave on my evening visits. And decided to do a bit of research on who this huge grave belong too. And upon doing some searches, I discover that this person is a trusted allied and a close […]

Kapitan Chung Keng Quee Memorial / 甲必丹鄭景貴墓園

Chung Keng Quee Memorial / 鄭景貴墓園.

Location:- Mount Erskine, Penang / 白雲山, 檳州.

If you are a Chinese living in Penang, you ought to know who this person is.

Kapitan Chung Keng Quee / Chung Keng Kwi / Zheng Jing Gui / 甲必丹鄭景貴 is a great philanthropist and businessman who is very well respected by […]

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