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Fu Ling Kong Temple
Fu Ling Kong Temple

Turtle Shell and Coins Oracle

Turtle Shell and Coins Oracle.

There are many methods used for Chinese coin divination. One that is rarely seen are the ones that uses a turtle shell.

Certain masters would do prayers before the session. Some that i have seen would do prayers to the deity Gui Gu Zi / 鬼谷子 aka Gui Gu Xian […]

T'ung shu / T'ung shing / 通勝

T’ung shu, The chinese farmers almanac is fill with plenty of information. From astronomy, pregnancy, divinition, spell, rhyme, poetry, and much much more. It is produce annualy to help the farmer decide on the best planting and havesting time.

Date selection is the primary use of this book. It tell where all the auspicious […]

Graveyard Shift-Qing Ming

Well, We started early for prayers this year. Everything went on pretty well.

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