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Submited by : 贵
Submited by : 贵

Guan Yin Ge-Kuala Kubu Baru / 觀音阁-新古毛

Guan Yin Ge-Kuala Kubu Baru / 觀音阁-新古毛.

Location:- Kuala Kubu Baru, Selangor / 新古毛, 雪蘭莪州.

My last visit to Kuala Kubu Baru was in 2011 and after visiting a temple nearby, it was already getting late to visit this temple then. Since i’m passing through this area, we decided to stop by for a […]

Shan Ling Gong-Kuala Lumpur / 善靈宮-吉隆坡

Shan Ling Gong-Kuala Lumpur / 善靈宮-吉隆坡.

Location: Jalan Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur / 吉隆坡

Also known as Persatuan Penganut Dewa Shan Ling Gong.

This small temple, located next to a bigger temple in Kampung Kasipillay, is dedicated to the worshipped of its patron deity the famous deity Ji Gong Huo Fo / 濟公活佛. It […]

Xian Shi Gong-Bukit Mor / 仙師宮-武吉摩

Xian Shi Gong-Bukit Mor / 仙師宮-武吉摩

Xian Shi Gong – Bukit Mor / 仙師宮-武吉摩

Location:- Bukit Mor, Parit Jawa, Muar, Johor. / 武吉摩, 巴冬,麻坡, 柔佛.

I’ve always though of returning to this nice temple since my last visit here 7-8 years ago. I also remember clearly that it was pass dinner time when we visited. Located in Bukit Mor, Muar, Johor, […]

Guan Yin Gu Si-Ampang Pecah / 觀音古寺-老古毛

Guan Yin Gu Si-Ampang Pecah / 觀音古寺-老古毛.

Location :- Ampang Pecah, Selangor / 老古毛, 雪蘭莪州.

This temple has a long history dating back to 1904. It was known that this temple survived the great flood when the dam nearby burst it’s banks in 21 December 1926. In this great flood, the old town of Kuala […]

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