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Fu Ling Kong Temple
Fu Ling Kong Temple

Xian Gong Gong-Serom / 仙公宮-实廊

Xian Gong Gong-Serom / 仙公宮-实廊.

Located near Serom 8, Ledang, Johor. 实廊八, 礼让, 柔佛.

This temple has a Pai Lou / Pai Fang / entrance arch / 牌樓 along the main road not far from Serom 8. So if you are traveling along the main road, you will be sure to see this. Anyway, it […]

Sheng Gu Si-Gerisek / 聖姑寺-玉射

Sheng Gu Si-Gerisek / 聖姑寺-玉射.

Tokong Seng Koh Syh, Jalan Bukit Katil, Gerisek ( Use to be known as Gersek), Muar, Johor.

I saw this temple while traveling to Panchor / 班卒 but since the excess road has been block by flood, I’ve got no choice but to make a u turn. So I’ve decided […]

Happy Chinese New Year 2011 / Gong Xi Fa Cai / 恭喜發財

Wishing you, Good Luck in your Undertaking, Prosperity every Year, May your wishes and dreams come true and to have good health and good luck for your family members this year. Happy Chinese New Year 2011. Gong Xi Fa Cai

祝你,身體健康,心想事成,万事如意, 年年有餘, 合家平安, 恭喜發財.

Wu Lou / Hulu / 葫蘆

Wu Lou / Hulu / 葫蘆.

Also known as bottle gourd or calabash. It is a common vegetable eaten in china and also used as a traditional Chinese medicine. When dried out it could be use as a bottle or more commoly today as a feng shui cure. Also commonly use an offering in Chinese […]

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