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The Third Prince Na Zha
The Third Prince Na Zha

Guan Yin Si-Penang / 觀音寺-檳城

Guan Yin Si-Penang / 觀音寺-檳城.

Location:- Burma Road, Penang.

Walking along the row of shops at Burmah Road (now known as Jalan Burma ) in the evening brought my attention to this brightly lit temple. Thinking that the side door is still open, I decided to go in for some photos. But was kindly told […]

Seng Ong Beow-Jelutong / 城隍廟-日落洞

Seng Ong Beow-Jelutong / 城隍廟-日落洞.

Pinyin, Cheng Huang Miao known as City/Town God temple.

Location :- Sandilands Street, Jelutong, Penang – 日落洞, 檳城.

I was doing some read up about Mr Khoo Thean Teik / 邱天德, a powerful and notorious hokkien leaders of 19th-century Penang. I came to know that he was a philanthropist and […]

Loo Pun Hong-Penang / 魯班行-檳城

Loo Pun Hong-Penang / 魯班行-檳城.

Pinyin Lu Ban Hang, also known as Lu Ban Ku Miao / 魯班古廟 / North Duke’s Old Temple.

Location:- 70, Love Lane, Georgetown Penang,

I have always wanted to visit this place. I have first saw a photo of the deities/altar from a book by Keith Stevens title Chinese Gods. […]

Guan Yin Ting-Penang / 觀音亭-檳城

Guan Yin Ting-Penang / 觀音亭-檳城.

Location:- Jalan Sungkai, George Town, Penang

This temple was fill with devotees/worshippers offering burned joss stick when i arrive. Much of the interior on the front hall is darken and stained from many years of joss stick offering. The are also a few more altar in the inner hall.


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