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Bei Di Miao
Bei Di Miao

Ling Yin Si-Jelutong / 靈隐寺-日落洞

Ling Yin Si-Jelutong / 靈隐寺-日落洞

Location:- Jelutong, Penang – 日落洞, 檳城.

We came upon this small temple that is devoted to Ji Gong Huo Fo / 濟公活佛 after visiting another temple not far from here. Upon arrival, we were greeted by the friendly temple committees whom has given us permission to get some photos.


Lei Yin Si-Jelutong / 雷陰寺-日落洞

Lei Yin Si-Jelutong / 雷陰寺-日落洞.

Location:- Jelutong, Penang – 日落洞, 檳城.

We came to know about this temple through a book we manage to obtain during our previous trip. It’s mentions about this temple which has deities that is more than an century old. We were lucky as a friend who is familiar with Penang […]

Ci Bei Bai Yun An-Johor Bahru / 慈悲白雲庵-新山

Ci Bei Bai Yun An-Johor Bahru / 慈悲白雲庵-新山.

Location:- Jalan Wong Ah Fook, Johor Bahru, Johor / 亚福街, 新山, 柔佛.

The first time I saw this temple was around 1996 and something that happened nearby back then made me use this temple as a marker for future remembrance. The second time would be about 2006. […]

Bai Wan Gong-Permas Jaya / 百萬宮-百万镇

Bai Wan Gong-Permas Jaya / 百萬宮-百万镇.

Location:- Bandar Baru Permas Jaya, Johor Bahru, Johor / 百万镇, 新山, 柔佛.

Arrived at Johor Bahru very early in the morning and was invited to stay with a relative whom were mentioning and frequent this premise. After some good rest, we decided to visit this place of worship. There […]

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