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Bei Di Miao
Bei Di Miao

2012 Ampang Nine Emperor Festival / 安邦南天宫九皇大帝誕

2012 Ampang Nine Emperor Festival / 安邦南天宫九皇大帝誕

Location: Nan Tian Gong, Ampang New Village, Selangor / 南天宫, 安邦, 雪蘭莪. GPS Coordinate: 3.141057, 101.764539

Photos of Street Parade, Fire walking and bridge crossing ceremony taken on 14th,16th,22nd,23rd October of the Nine Emperor God / Jiu Huang Da Di / 九皇大帝 festival held by Nan Tian Gong […]

Wu Lou / Hulu / 葫蘆

Wu Lou / Hulu / 葫蘆.

Also known as bottle gourd or calabash. It is a common vegetable eaten in china and also used as a traditional Chinese medicine. When dried out it could be use as a bottle or more commoly today as a feng shui cure. Also commonly use an offering in Chinese […]

Dragon king of the East sea / 東海龍王

Dong Hai Lung Wang / 東海龍王 in cantonese. This statue is ceramic made. 16 inch in height. It holds a beautiful dragon staff.

This deity is known to bless fisherman with good harvest and safe journey at sea. During the time of imperial china, Lung Wang is also a patron deities to ferry men […]

Zhao Gung Ming / 趙公明

A beautifully made statue of General Zhao Gung Ming aka Chou Kung Ming (趙公明元帥), Jiu kong ming in cantonese. A member of Wu lu cai shen (五路财神). Roughly translated to Wealth God of Five street/road/direction. This statue is 19 inch in height. Very nicely painted.

My Time – […]

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