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Bei Di Miao
Bei Di Miao

Nan Tian Gong - Sekinchan / 南天宫 - 适耕庄

Nan Tian Gong – Sekinchan / 南天宫 – 适耕庄

Location:- Sekinchan, Selangor / 适耕庄, 雪兰莪.

This temple is the Nine Emperor Gods / 九皇大帝 / 九皇爺 temple in Sekinchan. Beautifully build with two tower on it’s side.

Every year on the 1st till 9th lunar month, this temple will celebrate it annual 9 Emperor Gods […]

Sheng Jun Dian-Pagoh / 聖君殿-巴俄.

Sheng Jun Dian-Pagoh / 聖君殿-巴俄.

Known as Sheng Kuan Din in Cantonese. Located in Pagoh, Johor. It main altar worship the black face deity Fa Zhu Gong / 法主公. Fatt Chee Kung in Cantonese. This place is build on the side of a hill with a chinese cemetery next to it. The view on […]

Nam Tian Miao - Pagoh / 南天廟 - 巴俄

Nam Tian Miao-Pagoh / 南天廟-巴俄

Location:- Pagoh, Muar, Johor / 巴俄, 麻坡, 柔佛.

Nam Tian Miao is translated as South Heaven temple.

Located on the side along the main road of Jalan Sengkang, Pagoh, Johor.

This small temple builded in 1967 is dedicated to the worships of their patron deity Na Zha San Tai Zi […]

Fu Ling Gong-Taman Bakariah / 福靈宮-峇加利亞花園

Fu Ling Gong-Taman Bakariah / 福靈宮-峇加利亞花園.

Location:- Taman Bakariah, Muar, Johor / 峇加利亞花園, 麻坡, 柔佛州.

Pronounce as Hock Leng Keng in hockien and Fook Ling Kung in cantonese. This temple is devoted to the worshipped of their patron deity the Black faced Fa Zhu Gong /法主公. It has a few more deities on the […]

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