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The Third Prince Na Zha
The Third Prince Na Zha

Auspicious Dates for Chinese New Year 2011

Auspicious Dates for Chinese New Year 2011.

Listed below are Astrology, Feng shui and Chinese new year auspicious dates information for 2011. These auspicious dates are formulated from the chinese almanac or commonly known as Tung shu / Tung shing / 通勝. I have edited this list into a shorter version as the original list […]

2010 Graveyard shift - Seventh month.

7th month Night Cemetery prayers.

This year the chinese 7th month graveyard night prayers went through smooth and well. At about 10:30pm, everybody left the temple heading to the chinese cemetery in the heart of kuala lumpur.

The prayers started about 11:15pm and ended about 01:00am. The timing was good comparing to those days […]

Poh toh celebration

Our 2010 Poh Toh celebration for the chinese hungry ghost festival is now completed. We started our celebration this year by receiving the gods on 26 august 2010 and sending them off on 28 august 2010. Its been a superbly great 3 days. Really got to thank those who spend their effort, time, strength and […]

Praying to Hungry Ghost

Praying to Hungry Ghost

Much have been told about praying to the hungry ghost during the seventh month but there are little information on how it is done. Some has called this praying to good brothers or road side praying. The date to begin prayers for this years 2010 chinese hungry ghost festival will begin […]

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