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Bei Di Miao
Bei Di Miao

Guan Di Tan-Jerteh / 關帝壇-日底

Guan Di Tan-Jerteh / 關帝壇-日底.

Location:- Jerteh, Besut, Terengganu / 日底, 勿述, 登嘉樓州.

Visiting a friend who reside in setiu, Terengganu brought about a conversation piece relating to a temple that was mention to him by the locals nearby.

And since we were already around the area, we decided to find this temple which […]

Qi Tian Da Sheng Fu-Batu Pahat / 齊天大聖府-峇株巴辖

Qi Tian Da Sheng Fu-Batu Pahat / 齊天大聖府-峇株巴辖

Aka Persatuan Penganut Dewa Fook Teck Soon Sern Full.

Location:- 8th mile, Jalan Senggarang, Batu Pahat, Johor / 新加蘭路八支, 峇株巴辖, 柔佛.

Build on a hilly slope above a papaya farm, this temple provides a magnificent view to its visitors. Staring afar, one would definitely be mesmerized by […]

Hai Shan Gong-Kukup / 海山宮-龜咯

Hai Shan Gong-Kukup / 海山宮-龜咯.

Location:- Kukup, Pontian, Johor / 龜咯, 笨珍, 柔佛.

Walking along the row of shop houses after breakfast in this small Kukup town, we decided to explore another section of this fishing village. This section of the village is located opposite of the main road from where we stayed earlier.


Kim Chuan Tian-Bakariah / 金全殿-峇加利亞

Kim Chuan Tian-Bakariah / 金全殿-峇加利亞

Pinyin:- Jin Guan Dian

Location:- Bakariah, Muar, Johor / 峇加利亞, 麻坡, 柔佛


I first visited this place a few months back and it was still in their last stages of construction. At that time, I had already imagine that this temple would […]

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