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Bei Di Miao
Bei Di Miao

2012 Ampang Nine Emperor Festival / 安邦南天宫九皇大帝誕

2012 Ampang Nine Emperor Festival / 安邦南天宫九皇大帝誕

Location: Nan Tian Gong, Ampang New Village, Selangor / 南天宫, 安邦, 雪蘭莪. GPS Coordinate: 3.141057, 101.764539

Photos of Street Parade, Fire walking and bridge crossing ceremony taken on 14th,16th,22nd,23rd October of the Nine Emperor God / Jiu Huang Da Di / 九皇大帝 festival held by Nan Tian Gong […]

Xi Sheng Miao-S.Alam / 西聖廟-莎阿南

Xi Sheng Miao-S.Alam / 西聖廟-莎阿南.

Also known as Sai Seng Miao. Located in Shah Alam, Selangor.

This temple is situated behind a hill off the main road. It will take probably a 3 minutes drive from the access road to this temple.

Its has a huge land area that is surrounded by a jack […]

Sak Na To Miao-Broga / 石拿督廟-武来岸

Sak Na To Miao-Broga / 石拿督廟-武来岸.

Location:- Broga, Negeri Sembilan / 武来岸, 瓜拉庇劳.

Commonly known. Broga Sek Na To / Broga Sak Dato / 武东岸石拿督.

Pinyin:- Shi Na To. Translated to Stone Nato, a local deity.

This temple is located on Broga Hill which is now officially known as Bukit Lalang. This hill, is sitting […]

Shi Ye Gong-Rawang / 師爺宮-萬撓

Shi Ye Gong-Rawang / 師爺宮-萬撓.

Also known as Tokong Sze Yeah Kong.

Build around 1869 along Jalan Tokong Cina, in the township of Rawang. This is said to be the fourth Shi Ye temple in Malaysia.

Located on the center altar is Xian Shi Ye (仙師爺) and Si Shi Ye (四師爺).

There is a Tai […]

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