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Bei Di Miao
Bei Di Miao

Auspicious Dates for Chinese New Year 2011

Auspicious Dates for Chinese New Year 2011.

Listed below are Astrology, Feng shui and Chinese new year auspicious dates information for 2011. These auspicious dates are formulated from the chinese almanac or commonly known as Tung shu / Tung shing / 通勝. I have edited this list into a shorter version as the original list […]

T'ung shu / T'ung shing / 通勝

T’ung shu, The chinese farmers almanac is fill with plenty of information. From astronomy, pregnancy, divinition, spell, rhyme, poetry, and much much more. It is produce annualy to help the farmer decide on the best planting and havesting time.

Date selection is the primary use of this book. It tell where all the auspicious […]

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