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Jin Hai Dian
Jin Hai Dian

Shan Ling Gong-Kuala Lumpur / 善靈宮-吉隆坡

Shan Ling Gong-Kuala Lumpur / 善靈宮-吉隆坡.

Location: Jalan Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur / 吉隆坡

Also known as Persatuan Penganut Dewa Shan Ling Gong.

This small temple, located next to a bigger temple in Kampung Kasipillay, is dedicated to the worshipped of its patron deity the famous deity Ji Gong Huo Fo / 濟公活佛. It […]

He Ling Gong-Pt.Berong / 合靈宮-馬弄港

He Ling Gong-Pt.Berong / 合靈宮-馬弄港

Location:- Parit Berong, Senggarang, Batu Pahat, Johor / 馬弄港, 新加蘭, 峇株巴辖, 柔佛.

Aka Persatuan Penganut Dewa Fa Zu He Ling Gong.

We were heading towards Batu Pahat town after a visit to Pekan Nenas till we came about a small signage with drawing of snakes on it. Since we […]

Qiu Yun Dian-Kukup / 秋雲殿-龜咯

Qiu Yun Dian-Kukup / 秋雲殿-龜咯.

Location:- Kukup, Pontian, Johor / 龜咯, 笨珍, 柔佛

Morning has broken and I’m already craving for a good cup of coffee in this small fishing village. It’s always good to visit local hang out’s to really get an experience on how life is like on this part of the world. […]

Nam Zhou Wang Bao Fu-Bukit Kepong / 南洲王寶府-武吉哈逢

Nam Zhou Wang Bao Fu-Bukit Kepong / 南洲王寶府-武吉哈逢.

Location:- Bukit Kepong, Muar, Johor / 武吉哈逢, 麻坡, 柔佛.

Nam Chou Wong Po Fu in cantonese. Its a Tua dee ya lek, Da Er Bo Ye / 大二伯爷 temple in Bukit Kepong / 武吉哈逢, Muar, Johor. This will be my 3rd time visiting this premise. I have […]