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Bei Di Miao
Bei Di Miao

Peng Lai Dian-Genting Highland / 蓬萊殿-雲頂高原

Peng Lai Dian-Genting Highland / 蓬萊殿-雲頂高原.

Location:- Genting Highland, Pahang / 雲頂高原, 彭亨.

Peng Lai Dian / 蓬萊殿. Fung Loi Din in cantonese. Also known as Chin Swee Cave Temple.

It’s been many years since I last visited this place. But this returning visit is an eye opener. This temple is located before you reach Genting Highland / 雲頂高原. The main contributor and founder of this temple is the late Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong / 林梧桐. It is is also a famous tourist destination in Malaysia. Build on a hillside at 1000+meters above sea level, one could really enjoy its magnificent views it has naturally. It has huge space area, 32 acres if i’m not mistaken. With beautiful rolling hills, one would need to spend at least half a day to visit all of it attractions. Attraction here includes a huge Pagoda, Buddha, Kuan Yin, 9 dragon wall.. Etc. All are as mention… Huge!!

A build up of the 10 court of hell can also be found around the hill along with the 18 immortals / Shi Ba Lou Han / 十八羅漢.

Enshrined on the main altar of this prayer hall is their main patron deity, Qing Shui Zu Shi / 清水祖師. The wood carvings inside the main prayer hall is very elegantly build. There is also some visitors seen doing bamboo stick oracle inquiries / Kau Cim. One also may get some blessing from the caretaker when you do a small donation.

There is a small stream of water that flows from the mountain wall behind the main altar and some visitors are seen drinking from it to enjoy some refreshment before continuing their journey..

Further infomation about this temple can be found on their official website at

Peng Lai Dian-Genting Highland / 蓬萊殿-雲頂高原

Below:- Its Qing Shui Zu Shi / 清水祖師 and the beautiful interior of the prayers hall.

Peng Lai Dian-Genting Highland / 蓬萊殿-雲頂高原 2

Peng Lai Dian-Genting Highland / 蓬萊殿-雲頂高原 3

Peng Lai Dian-Genting Highland / 蓬萊殿-雲頂高原 4

Peng Lai Dian-Genting Highland / 蓬萊殿-雲頂高原 5Peng Lai Dian-Genting Highland / 蓬萊殿-雲頂高原 6

Below:- It’s magnificent view.

Peng Lai Dian-Genting Highland / 蓬萊殿-雲頂高原 7

Below:- It’s Ru Lai Fo Zu Dian / 如來佛祖殿.

Peng Lai Dian-Genting Highland / 蓬萊殿-雲頂高原 8

Peng Lai Dian-Genting Highland / 蓬萊殿-雲頂高原 9

Below:- Huge Buddha, Huge Kuan Yin.

Peng Lai Dian-Genting Highland / 蓬萊殿-雲頂高原010Peng Lai Dian-Genting Highland / 蓬萊殿-雲頂高原011

Peng Lai Dian-Genting Highland / 蓬萊殿-雲頂高原012

Below:- Judge of the Eight court of the Hell, Du Shi Wang / 者市王 and The Judge of the Nine court of the Hell, Peng Deng Wang / 平等王.

Peng Lai Dian-Genting Highland / 蓬萊殿-雲頂高原013Peng Lai Dian-Genting Highland / 蓬萊殿-雲頂高原014

Peng Lai Dian-Genting Highland / 蓬萊殿-雲頂高原015

Location Map / 神廟地圖

Click here to open location in GOOGLE MAP / 點擊這裡打開谷歌地圖

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