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Sak Na To Temple
Sak Na To Temple

Ching San Miao-Sabak Awor / 青山廟-沙巴莪

Ching San Miao-Sabak Awor / 青山廟-沙巴莪.

Pinyin:- Qing San Miao.

Location:- Jalan Ismail Desa, Sabak Awor, Muar, Johor / 沙巴莪, 麻坡, 柔佛.

I arrive at this chinese temple quite late actually. Rushing to snap some photos before the heavy rain and sunset. I was lucky upon arrival, their committee members were around since most had finish their work at that time. I was told by its members that it’s Na Du Gong / 嗱督公 Shrine existed in this temple more than 100+ years ago. And that the temple was here during second world war when Japan invaded Malaya. I could not verify this. The first time I visited this place, if I have not mistaken is in 2005. And I am happy to revisit this place again.

This temple has a huge land for it’s festival and prayers.

According to the signage above the main hall, this temple was refurbish or build in year of Ren Shen / 壬申 (1992 or 1932).

On the altar at the top row, sitting on the center would be Fu His / 庖犧, on its right would be Shen Nong / 神農 aka The Divine Farmer and on it’s left would be Yellow Emperor / Huang Ti / 黃帝.

On the second row, sitting at the center is Pan Gu / 盤古 follow by Pan Shi / 盤石, Pan Song / 盤松, Zhou Gung / 周公 and Huang Shi Gung / 黃石公. There is also other deities on the altar.

There is an altar for Tua Pek Kong / Da Bo Gung / Tai Pak Kung / 大伯公 on the Left hall and an altar of Goddess Guan Yin / 觀音菩薩 in the right.

One of their main attraction would be their 60 statue’s of Tai Sui Deity / 太歲. Yearly local devotees would come by to offer prayers to the yearly Tai Sui. It is to me a rare experience to be able to see all the Tai Sui statue in one hall.

There is a house which is painted green on stilts located behind the main temple. This is where they house their Yin Tan / 陰壇 . And you will find it’s Tua Dee Pek Yah / Da Er Bo Ye / 大二伯爷 deity here.

Ching San Miao-Sabak Awor / 青山廟-沙巴莪

Ching San Miao-Sabak Awor / 青山廟-沙巴莪1

Ching San Miao-Sabak Awor / 青山廟-沙巴莪2

Below:- Knife and Axe which was use by the mediums.

Ching San Miao-Sabak Awor / 青山廟-沙巴莪3

Ching San Miao-Sabak Awor / 青山廟-沙巴莪4

Below:- It’s Tai Sui Hall (太歲).

Ching San Miao-Sabak Awor / 青山廟-沙巴莪5

Ching San Miao-Sabak Awor / 青山廟-沙巴莪6

Below:- It Yin Shrine.

Ching San Miao-Sabak Awor / 青山廟-沙巴莪7

BELOW:- Photos of its Yin Shrine taken in 2005.

Ching San Miao-Sabak Awor / 青山廟-沙巴莪8Ching San Miao-Sabak Awor / 青山廟-沙巴莪9

Location Map / 神廟地圖

Click here to open location in GOOGLE MAP / 點擊這裡打開谷歌地圖

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