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Submited by : 贵
Submited by : 贵

Sheng Gu Si-Gerisek / 聖姑寺-玉射

Sheng Gu Si-Gerisek / 聖姑寺-玉射.

Tokong Seng Koh Syh,
Jalan Bukit Katil, Gerisek ( Use to be known as Gersek), Muar, Johor.

I saw this temple while traveling to Panchor / 班卒 but since the excess road has been block by flood, I’ve got no choice but to make a u turn. So I’ve decided to stop by this temple for a visit. I was greeted by its committee members which were very friendly. Telling us much about this place at the same time.

Inside the temple,
Sitting on the main altar is Sheng Zu Jin Xian / 聖祖金仙. She is a members of the Seven fairies / Qi Xian Nu / 七仙奴 and a daughter of the Jade Emperor / Yu Huang Da Di / 玉皇大帝. While the deity in front of it is the black face General Zhang usually known as Fatt Chee Kung / 法主公.

On the left part of this temple, the is an altar for Di Mu Niang Niang / 地母娘娘 . And on the right part is an altar for Lord Buddha / 佛祖.

On the outside,
A Yin Tan / 陰壇 can be seen on the side, the unique part is that the altar is located seven feet below ground level. It has an old style stage for performance during celebration and it has a Nato / Dato Gong / 嗱督公 behind it. There is much space in it’s surrounding for celebration and future developments.

It was told that this temple is establish about 39 years ago (about 1972-73) and receive it’s registration in 1987.

Sheng Gu Si-Gerisek / 聖姑寺-玉射1

Sheng Gu Si-Gerisek / 聖姑寺-玉射2

Sheng Gu Si-Gerisek / 聖姑寺-玉射3

Below:- It’s main Altar.

Sheng Gu Si-Gerisek / 聖姑寺-玉射4

Below:- It’s Yin Tan / 陰壇.

Sheng Gu Si-Gerisek / 聖姑寺-玉射5

Below:- The Nato / Dato Gong / 嗱督公 behind the old stage. Unique indeed.

Sheng Gu Si-Gerisek / 聖姑寺-玉射6

Sheng Gu Si-Gerisek / 聖姑寺-玉射7

Location Map / 神廟地圖

Click here to open location in GOOGLE MAP / 點擊這裡打開谷歌地圖

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