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Submited by : 贵
Submited by : 贵

Xian Ling Gong-Kuala Pilah / 仙靈宮-瓜拉庇劳

Sen Ling Kong / Xian Ling Gong-Kuala Pilah / 仙靈宮-瓜拉庇劳.

Location:- Jalan Sawah Lebar, Kuala Pilah, Negeri Sembilan. 瓜拉庇劳, 森美兰.

Stopping by for a drink in Kuala Pilah. And coincidently we met a local who is also a travel agent. We had a small chat and she pointed us to a few chinese temples and this is the only one open on that apparent day.

Upon arrival, we were quite happy with it clean and big surrounding. It has a flat land with a large tree on the side. Very much good for shading. There is a Na To Gong / 嗱督公 shrine and incense furnace on the side of the main building. We were greeted by the the caretaker/master of the temple by the name of Master Lee / 李金標壇主 and he was nice enough to show us around and explained much about this temple. This temple has three very elegant wood crafted chinese altar.

The main center altar has three section. Sitting on the center of it is Xuan Tian Shang Ti / 玄天上帝. On it’s left is Fa Chu Gong /法主公 and on it’s right is Guan Di / 關帝 along with other smaller sized deities surround them.

The second altar on the Left is devoted to Da Bo Gong / 大伯公 and the third altar on right is devoted to the Thousand Hand Guan Yin / Qian Shou Guan Yin (千手觀音)

Xian Ling Gong-Kuala Pilah / 仙靈宮-瓜拉庇劳1

Xian Ling Gong-Kuala Pilah / 仙靈宮-瓜拉庇劳2

Xian Ling Gong-Kuala Pilah / 仙靈宮-瓜拉庇劳3

Below:- It’s Da Bo Gong / 大伯公 altar.

Xian Ling Gong-Kuala Pilah / 仙靈宮-瓜拉庇劳4

Xian Ling Gong-Kuala Pilah / 仙靈宮-瓜拉庇劳5

Location Map / 神廟地圖

Click here to open location in GOOGLE MAP / 點擊這裡打開谷歌地圖

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