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Jin Hai Dian
Jin Hai Dian

Foo Choo Choon Memorial / 胡子春墓園

Foo Choo Choon Memorial / 胡子春墓園.

Location, Mount Erskine, Penang / 白雲山, 檳州.

Mr Foo Choo Choon / Hu Zi Chun / 胡子春 born 30th July 1860 is a known Philanthropist, a Tin miner,a Businessman in Penang and Perak. More information about him can be found on Wiki.

Mr Foo Choo Choon passes away on 27th March 1921 and is buried here in Mount Eskine.

This huge tomb caught my attention while I was around there looking for another famous grave. The thing that really caught my attention afar was this Two highly raise pillars with stone lions on top that would usually signify that this person was of much important and status. It is said that the Emperor of China has bestowed Mr Foo Choo Choon with a few honorary titles for his generosity during a famine in ShanTung, China.

This grave has Four tomb all together and only Three has inscription on it. A few statue of mythological Heavenly deities is build on it’s side. There is also two set of a butler by a horse on both left and right of the front side portion of this big old graves.

This grave is a nice sight but if you choose to visit this place, please leave nothing other that your footprint.

Foo Choo Choon Memorial / 胡子春墓園1

Foo Choo Choon Memorial / 胡子春墓園2

Foo Choo Choon Memorial / 胡子春墓園3

Foo Choo Choon Memorial / 胡子春墓園4

Below:- One of two tall pillar with a stone lion on it’s top.

Foo Choo Choon Memorial / 胡子春墓園5

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17 comments to Foo Choo Choon Memorial / 胡子春墓園

  • avatar teugene50

    Looks like a tomb of an ancient china the Tang Dynasty.

  • avatar teugene50

    Sure. Elaborate what?

    • avatar Myadmin

      Elaborate on your statement earlier:- “Looks like a tomb of an ancient china the Tang Dynasty. ” Probably.. you could explain more on what feature does an tang dynasty tomb would have? Thanks

  • avatar teugene50

    Tang Dynasty Tomb like Qiangling in China.

    Qiangling Mausoleum is where all treasures and dead bodies lied in a great mausoleum in the inside where nobody can steal nor taken photos of the treasure in this tomb of qiangling.

  • avatar Nicholas Y. Foo

    Thank you for the pictures of my great-grandfather’s (Foo Choo Choon) memorial/gravesite. I have not been there or knew where to find it. My father, Peter Y. Foo died last year in June of 2010, and sadly, he had not talked much about our legacy. Hopefully, I can find more info via my uncle Bobby Y. Foo. We are going to visit him next year 2012. Cheers, Nick.

  • avatar Khoo Salma

    Dear Nicholas Foo,

    I am interested in Foo Choo Choon’s genealogy. Do you have the family tree? The reason is that I am investigating Cheah Cheang Lim’s genealogy and Foo Choo Choon is related to him. Khoo Salma

  • avatar FOO LE LIAN

    My husband is a grandson of Foo Choo Choon. We are trying to contact Nicholas Foo who lives in USA. My husband’s father and Nicholas’s father are cousins. Can you send this message to him regarding our attempt to contact him. We live in Singapore.

    I am unsure if we can help Khoo Salma very much as my father-in-law, the youngest son of Foo Choo Choon does not talk about him at all. however she can contact me if she wants.


    Le Lian

    • avatar Myadmin

      Hi Le Lian, I have already send an email to Nicholas on your request.

      Could you provide me the name of your father in law? Probably some information about him would be good. Thanks

    • avatar Khoo Salma

      Dear Le Lian,

      please email me and then we can continue the conversation. Thanks


  • avatar FOO LE LIAN

    Hi Khoo Salmah
    Sorry I had too many in mail so missed this message..It’s been more then 2 years and anyway you have no email address that I can write to. I understand that a book on Cheah Chiang Lim will be published soon and my hubby’s grandpa is also mentioned.

    Are you involved in this book?

  • avatar FOO LE LIAN

    Hi Myadmin

    Kind of late to father in law is Foo Meow Fong, the only son of the second wife of Foo Choo Choon. Do you know about the impending launch of the book on Cheah Chiang Lim?

  • avatar Johny Chee Boon Heng


    I have heard that the portraits of Foo Choo Choon and his wives at his estate house at Paya Terubong in Penang are sale.Is that true?.

    Johny Chee Boon Heng

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