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Jo Fo Gu Miao-Johor Bahru / 柔佛古廟-新山

Jo Fo Gu Miao-Johor Bahru / 柔佛古廟-新山. also famously known as Johor Old Temple.

Location:- Jalan Trus, Johor Bahru, Johor / 新山, 柔佛.

It is not known when exactly this temple was builded. But there were some clue as when this place has been around. A date carved on their old signage give an idea that this place should be operational in 1870. And also a huge bronze bell in this temple is engraved with the date of Yi Hai / 乙亥 year, suggesting it could be made in 1875. It was said that this temple was built by Mr. Tan Hiok Nee the Head of Ngee Heng Company then along with other chinese community leaders.

On the court yard, the Tien Gong Incense pot stood grandly at its main entrance, I came to know that there used to be a hill which is located behind this temple but today the hill is leveled and this temple is flanked by modern skyscrapers.

There is three prayers hall in this temple. As you walk into the main prayer hall, there is two gods by the side that is about human sized. The deity on left with green demonic looking face is known as Huang Ling Guan Ye / 皇令官爷 and the deity on the right holding a brush is known as Su Bao Lao Ye / 速报老爷.

The chinese architecture and design in this hall is very beautiful. It underwent a major renovation between 1995 and 1996, preserving much of antiquity.

There is three altar in this main prayer hall, worship on left altar is Gan Tian Da Di / 感天大帝. On the center altar, Xuan Tian Shang Ti / 玄天上帝. Flank along its side is Hua Guang Da Di / 华光大帝 on is right and Zhao Da Yuan Shuai / 趙大元帥 on its left.

The Left altar is devoted to Hong Xian Da Di / 洪仙大帝 also known as Hong Xian Gong / 洪仙公.

The second prayer hall on the left of the courtyard, it is devoted to the Goddess Guan Yin / Guan Yin Pu Sa / 觀音菩薩 while the prayer hall on the right of the courtyard is devoted to Feng Yu Sheng Zhe / 风雨圣者 along with it’s two assistant.

This temple has a mini museum that is launched in 2007. In it, you will find old Statues of various gods, temples antique, signage/plaque, along with much photos of its chingay celebration back those golden days.

Jo Fo Gu Miao-Johor Bahru / 柔佛古廟-新山1

Jo Fo Gu Miao-Johor Bahru / 柔佛古廟-新山2

Jo Fo Gu Miao-Johor Bahru / 柔佛古廟-新山3

Jo Fo Gu Miao-Johor Bahru / 柔佛古廟-新山4

Below:- It’s almost life sized Su Bao Lao Ye / 速报老爷.

Jo Fo Gu Miao-Johor Bahru / 柔佛古廟-新山5

Jo Fo Gu Miao-Johor Bahru / 柔佛古廟-新山6

Below:- Inside it’s temple museum.

Jo Fo Gu Miao-Johor Bahru / 柔佛古廟-新山7

Location Map / 神廟地圖

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