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Kapitan Sheng Ming Li Memorial / 甲必丹盛明利墓園

Kapitan Sheng Ming Li Memorial / 甲必丹盛明利墓園.

Location:- Selangor

Kapitan Sheng Ming Li / 甲必丹盛明利 was born in 1822 presumably on November 16, a Hakka from Hui Zhou / 惠州 of Guangdong Province, China.

Also known as Kapitan Cina Shin Kap of Sungai Ujong. Sheng Ming Li arrive to Malacca in 1850 to work as an assistant in a company called “Hong Fa / 鴻發” for a mr Chen Yu Fa / 陳玉發 that deals in provision and mining businesses. Apparently, He serve in the company till 33 years old.

Sheng arrive at Sungai Ujong (known as Seremban today) in 1858 to open a business call “Ming Fa / 明發” that deals in tin mining businesses. He has been known to be well respected by the aborigines, locals Malay along with Chinese miners through his great deeds and leadership, therefore gaining him his Kapitan Cina status.

In August 1860, it was over some taxation dispute or minings rights between two local Malay chieftain that a clash broke out. In support of one of the Malay chieftain, Kapitan Sheng whom is also a member of the “Hai San Society / 海山” along with other members was involve in the clash. Poorly armed with a hurriedly assembled force, Kapitan Sheng was defeated. He and a few of his comrades decided to retreat to Lukut. Unfortunately, they got lost in the jungle along the way. Short of supplies and lost, they decided to return back to Sungai Ujong to seek help from the locals.

On the way back, they were ambushed when they reach Rasah. There, he was captured and beheaded by his enemies. His headless body was later found by his clansmen and brought to Malacca for burial. In a story told by its descendants, his body was carried to Malacca in a bullock cart accompany by his wife, his son (probably known as Sheng Tai San / 盛泰山) along with Yap Ah Loy / 葉亞來. It is said that there was no grand funeral ceremonies and he was buried secretly for fear of future desecration.

According to legend, when the Kapitan was beheaded, the blood that gushed from his body were white. The Malay chieftain were awe by the spilling of white blood as they believe that white blood would only spill from saints. Eventually, when the Chinese learn about his miraculous death, they began worshiping him as a deity. Then on, he became known as Xian Shi Ye / 仙師爺 a guardian deity for the Chinese miners in Malaya. The Chinese miners even build a temple devoted to him in Sungai Ujong a year after his dead. Today the temple is called Qian Gu Miao / 千古庙 in Rasah / 亚沙, Negeri Sembilan.

The developer of Kuala Lumpur, Kapitan Cina Yap Ah Loy / 甲必丹葉亞來 was once a trusted employee of Sheng Ming Li. Yap were known to had been put in charge as second in command of the security force in Sungai Ujong. During the 1860s clash, Yap was wounded but manage to escaped. After Yap became the Kapitan Cina in Kuala lumpur, He built a temple in kuala lumpur devoted to Sheng Ming Lee and today, this temple is called the Kuala Lumpur Xian Si Shi Ye Miao / 吉隆坡仙四師爺宮. Through dreams, Kapitan Shin is said to have had advise Yap ah Loy to head for Kuala Lumpur for a better prospect and had also helped him on problems solving during his kapitan-ship especially during the civil war between 1870-1873.

After many years, the whereabouts of kapitan Sheng’s tomb has been long forgotten. It’s tomb was only rediscover in 1979 but were left untouched. It was only until 1983 when some good samaritan inform the Xian Si Shi Ye Commitees that a road is been build near the location and the grave had already been buried under earth and sand. Hence, the committee arrange for exhumation with purpose of reinterment by permission of its descendants. The exhumation was done on March 6 1984.

The remains that was exhume was with a missing skull and it was reported that the rest of the bones were larger in size, speculating that the kapitan was a well built person of six feet. The missing skull also coincide with historical records that the kapitan has been beheaded during the clash.

A piece of land has been donated by the areas Kwang Tung cemetery association and his remains were reburied in 1984 with a grand ceremony on this very nice feng shui location.

Due to the limited information pertaining the kapitan, the above information are complied from hearsay, internet and newspapers. The accuracy is at doubt. Do leave a comment if you got more information regarding this topic. If you wish to visit this place, please leave nothing other than your foot print.

Kapitan Sheng Ming Li Memorial / 甲必丹盛明利墓園1

Kapitan Sheng Ming Li Memorial / 甲必丹盛明利墓園2

Kapitan Sheng Ming Li Memorial / 甲必丹盛明利墓園3

Kapitan Sheng Ming Li Memorial / 甲必丹盛明利墓園4

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