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The Third Prince Na Zha
The Third Prince Na Zha

Xian Shi Gong-Bukit Mor / 仙師宮-武吉摩

Xian Shi Gong – Bukit Mor / 仙師宮-武吉摩

Location:- Bukit Mor, Parit Jawa, Muar, Johor. / 武吉摩, 巴冬,麻坡, 柔佛.

I’ve always though of returning to this nice temple since my last visit here 7-8 years ago. I also remember clearly that it was pass dinner time when we visited. Located in Bukit Mor, Muar, Johor, this temple is the 5th Si Yeh Temple build in Malaysia. From the main road, a smaller road with a Pai Lou / 牌樓 builded between some shop houses will leads visitors to this temple. Once arrived, visitors would be greeted with a surrounding filled with fruit trees combined with a beautiful landscape. Standing figurine of Lord Buddha / Fo Zu / 佛祖, Guan Di / 關帝, Zhu Ge Liang / 諸葛亮, and along with many others are decorated around the garden.

Next to it,a huge multipurpose hall builded for any auspicious occasion held by the temple or it’s surrounding community.

Establish in 1872, this place has a very unique design where the main altar is located on the upper floor. The original structure still remains except that the committee has renovated this place at the same time enlarging it. It is constructed on a large rock/boulder were at first glance, i’ve thought it was man made. It has an open air design that provide’s a tranquil feeling to its visitors.

There are multiple man made cave build around the temple. Caves are builded devoted to Ji Gong Huo Fo / 濟公活佛, Cheng Huang Ye / Seng Wang Yeh / 城隍爺 along with Da Er Bo Ye / Tua Dee Ya Pek / 大二伯爷 and Niu Tou /牛头 and Ma Mian / 馬面, Da Bo Gong / 大伯公, Na To Gong / 嗱督公, White Tiger / Bai Hu / 白虎 and others. One of the most interesting of them is a cave altar devoted to the Monkey God which is build facing a koi pond and a small bridge. This caves is a imaginative replica of the ” Mountain of Flower and Fruit / 花果山 ” as written in the famous novel “Journey to the West / 西遊記” where the famous Monkey God / Sun Wu Kong / 孫悟空 resides.

Some antique’s related to the temple and community here are placed on display in a lock up cabinet by the side. Namely a incense pot carved from a stone that was used by the temple in 1872. Others included are photos taken during the time of struggle and prosperity of this town. One of my favorite would be a photo of this temple taken in 1950s-1960s. Its shows how the original structure was and the large boulder it was build onto. During many of my temple visits, i’ve notice that much of its photos taken many years ago were not preserved. It would be good if they could digitize their photo as it would benefit the future generations.

Another historic document dated back to 1918, shows that the Johore Government in that year has gazetted this land for the use of a Chinese temple. It was approved by the then Commissioner of Land and Mines, Mr. M.H.Whitley.

It’s main altar consist of 3 sections. Uniquely, the back ground of all the sections is actually the wall of boulder this whole temple is sittings on. The section the on left is dedicate to their Wu Cai Shen / 武財神, Zhao Gong Ming / 赵公明 and Wen Cai Shen /文財神, Lord Tao Zhu / Tao Zhugong / 陶朱公 also known as Fan Li / 范蠡 . The center section is devoted to Si Shi Ye / 四師爺 and Xian Shi Ye / 仙師爺, its main patron deities. Several other statues that i believe were from the original altar are also place in this section. The section on the right is devoted to the Goddess Mazu / 媽祖. The artisan work on the main altar is also beautifully crafted. Tu Di Gong / 土地公, the common earth god is also worshipped in this main hall.

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Location Map / 神廟地圖

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