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Chinese Ghost Month Taboo / 鬼月禁忌

Chinese Ghost Month Taboo / 鬼月禁忌

Updated :- In year 2014, The chinese hungry ghost month will begin on 27th July 2014 and will end on the 24th August 2014.

In year 2013, The chinese hungry ghost month will begin on 7th of August 2013 and end on the 4th September 2013.

In year 2012, The chinese hungry ghost month will begin on 17th of August 2012 and end on the 15 September 2012.

In year 2011, The chinese hungry ghost month will begin on 31st of July 2011 and ends on the 28th of August 2011.

In year 2010, the hungry ghost month would begin on the 10th of August and end on the 7th of September.

The Chinese ghost month or commonly known as the Hungry Ghost festival falls on the 7th Month of the chinese lunar calendar. At this time, the gate of hell is opened so the spirit and soul of the otherworld is free to roam on ours.

Listed are things that one should avoid doing during the chinese seventh lunar month aka the hungry ghost festival. NOTE:- Much of this has been told down to me by the elders. DO not take it too seriously.

01) One should not pee on a tree because it may offend the spirits that resides there.

02) It was said that young people should not wander around too late into the night during the ghost festival for fear that spirits would follow the individual home.

03) It is bad luck to kick or disturb offering to the hungry ghost such as joss stick, candle and food offerings. All these item are mean for appeasing the spirits and ghost.

04) It is also inauspicious for couple to get married during the hungry ghost month.

05) During the month, Chinese Operas would be staged to perform and entertain the spirits and soul during the hungry ghost festival. Usually the front row of seats are reserve for the spirits so it is not advisable to sit on it especially during the first day of the festival. It is said that one may get possess if the individuals luck is low.

06) It would be best to avoid swimming during this month as victims death by drowning may cause the individual to drown. Some has experience their leg been drag/pull into the water.

07) During this month it is not auspicious to visit a sick person in the hospital, attend an funeral, moving house and starting a new business.

08) Avoid talking about ghost during this month as it may offend wandering spirits.

09) Wearing black clothing are consider inauspicious during this time of the year too. So is red if I am not mistaken.

10) It is advisable not to have the main door of a premise open all night long. This apparently will invite negative energy into the house.

11) Leaving an umbrella open outside the house in the night is also considered a no no as spirits may take shelter under them.

12) Opening an umbrella INSIDE the house after it was used in the night is also not advisable. It is said that one may bring/carry in spirits to the house.

13) One should also avoid going into a jungle during this time. Tree with long leaves are consider very yin and it’s not advisable to take shelter there.

14) One must also not kill any rare insect (moth, grasshopper, butterfly, etc) that visits the house during this time. They apparently are manifestation of spirits or ancestors paying a visit.

15) To begin/start renovation to your premise during this time is inauspicious. This is said to be disturbing any spirit/soul residing there.

16) I was told that moving/placing a fish tank into a house this month is also considered inauspicious. Water is considered a Yin element.

17) Celebrating birthdays in the middle of the night during the seventh Chinese ghost month is inauspicious.

18) Taking out wet clothes for drying in the night. Apparently, Spirits would try them on and will bring misfortune to whoever that wears it after.

19) High heel shoes are also not advisable during this time. I was told that spirits/soul could easily possess the victim when their heel are high up. But do not worry as the person would need to be in a very bad luck to be effected.

20) It is inauspicious to have the chopstick stab onto the rice while eating. Do this would signify that the food is an offering to the good brothers/spirits.

21) The chinese believe that each person contain an unseen trinity fire which is located on the forehead and shoulders. These are to protect them from been possess and bad luck. It would be advisable not to pat anybody shoulder or forehead at this time.

22) During this ghost month it is advisable not too look back or respond when somebody calls your name from your back.

23) Do not place your sandals facing the headboard of your bed to avoid unwanted spirit sleeping along.

24) Avoid taking photographs in the evening. Having a photo taken with the spirits is inauspicious and may led to trouble.

25) One should avoid playing with spiritual games like the Ouija Board, Spirit Pen, etc.

To know more about offering to the hungry ghost do read my small article Praying to Hungry Ghost

NOTE:- Kindly understand that we DO NOT provide any DATE SELECTIONs services. However, we strongly feel that if you plan to do anything important, it would be advisable to select an auspicious date to do so.




1) 七月时候尽量不要在一棵樹上撒尿,因為這可能會得罪駐留在樹里或停留的好兄弟陰魂。

2) 七月时候尽量不要遊荡到三更半夜会很容易让陰魂跟着你回家。

3) 七月时候不要去踢到或擾亂提供給陰魂亨用供品和祭品,比如香,蠟燭和食物,金銀纸種類等等。

4) 七月时候是不吉利的月份比較不适合情侶在这期間結婚如果是没办法情况下尽量选择吉日。

5) 七月时候会有中國戲曲或舞台在中元節期間娛樂给陰魂观看,通常前排座位是保留给好兄弟鬼魂坐的,因此人是不可坐在上面的。

6) 七月时候不要去海边和河边游泳会很容易溺水让陰魂找替身。

7) 七月尽量不要去醫院看望病人和參加葬禮,等等

8) 七月时候避免在這個月談鬼,因為這样可能比较會得罪好兄弟陰魂。

9) 在七月时候尽量不要穿太多黑色衣服会影响运气没那么好,建议穿黄或红和鲜艳颜色。

10) 七月时候到晚上不要把大門开放一整夜這样很容易把好兄弟鬼魂招進屋子里。

11) 七月时候晚上不要在屋子外打开雨傘,很容易让好兄弟陰魂会附在雨傘里。

12) 七月时候尽量不要在屋子里面撑开雨傘是属于收魂的法器容易让陰魂躲藏在里面。

13) 七月时候應該避免在這段時間進入叢林樹大葉子茂盛被認為是很陰,好兄弟陰魂会在陰森的地方暫避。

14) 七月时候不能殺死任何稀有昆蟲(蛾,蝗蟲,蝴蝶等)会可能是好兄弟阴魂或祖先化身。

15) 七月时候裝修房子或公司這段時間都是属于不吉利的时候。

16) 在七月期间移動在屋子里面的魚缸都是不吉利的。

17) 七月时候期間慶祝生日尽量不要到半夜也是不吉利的。

18) 七月时候不要在晚上把湿衣挂在屋外晒会让陰魂试穿过,人再拿出来穿会影响到运气不好。

19) 七月时候在晚上尽量不要穿高跟鞋会很容易让陰魂上身。

20) 七月时候尽量在吃饭时后不要把筷子插在白饭上面,只有在供奉(好兄弟)时才会把筷子插在白饭。

21) 七月时候尽量不要拍打两肩及头顶,人有三把火就在三个地方拍熄对方的火容易让陰魂找麻烦。





注意: 以上忌諱和禁忌是让网友们参考有什么写錯敬請諒解,本网站不提供任何選擇吉日服務。但是,本网站強烈認為,如果你打算做什麼重要的事情,请選擇吉日才去做。

Below:- A picture of Tua Pek and Dee Pek, Da Er Bo Ye / 大二爷伯, (First and Second Uncle) paper effigies.

Chinese Ghost Month Taboo / 鬼月禁忌 Da Er Bo Ye Effigy

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142 comments to Chinese Ghost Month Taboo / 鬼月禁忌

  • avatar Person


    I accidentally stepped on remnants of offerings AFTER the 7th month ended (I stepped on them on 11 Sep and the 7th month ended on 4 Sep). It was a pure accident as the remnants were left in a pile of hot ashes on the path and I am partly to blame as I was picking up a call on my phone so I wasn’t paying attention. I apologised profusely in English and in Mandarin and nothing has happened to me so far. Do you think anything will happen? I feel extremely remorseful and I’ve never done anything to offend them before. Will anything happen in the 8th month? Thank you!

  • avatar akmal

    i have a chinese (bestfriend) and he told me everything especially when is the Chinese Ghost Month.First thing ,i want to tell that i’m not a chinese i’m a malay :)hehe but this thing happened realy really true
    On the last day of Chinese Ghost Month (Friday) My mom was outstation *Kuala Lumpur while my dad was doing his busy stuff outside (I’M ALONE) i live in bungalow house in Kota Kinabalu ,that bungalow house already kinda old but my family the first one to stay there/plan make that house.The land was just after the sawah padi hehe. It was a very rainy NIGHT .. with thunderstorm , the electric went off like 30 seconds one time . So hard for me to go to the living room again and again to on the electric port . But there’s a part where i was tired to go up back to my room after switching on the electric port , so i try to rest for a while by sitting on the living room stair but suddenly i there’s like a three or four STEPS NOISE not loud but clearly to be hear . The FIRST/SECOND steps noise i was focusing on up by turning my head up to see what’s happening but i only can see all bedrooms doors were opened just like normally but the THIRD/LAST steps noise i notice that the steps were just in the living room * i notice those steps were going towards the electric port , the last steps result make me feel something went wrong . SUDDENLY the electric WENT OFF without the thunderstorm lightning notice or anything *note that i burn maybe around 7 candles from my room going to the living room* luckily i have no trauma at all coz of that incident . I told my chinese friend and so he told his mother back home but the mother said I THINK TOO MUCH although the mother is a kind like caring..hmmm i.m don’t dare to tell my parents as both of them are Malay psss.i’m just 13 well i should end it here ,if i continue longer my night will get like kinda disturbing in my dummy head

    just any advice ;)

  • avatar akmal


    the cloud was really really dark and thunderstorm like something went wrong at that night + my house was 100 % dark when light off ..can’t even walk erhhhhhhh okay

  • avatar John

    My 50th birthday is next year and the closest saturday to it is Ching Ming festival. Could you please tell me if it is ok to celebrate this big occasion on Ching Ming? I get the feeling that it may not be right to do so, but I’m not sure. websites say tere should be no business activity on Ching Ming but don’t mention birthday celebrations. I’d be grateful for some advice.
    Thanks, John

    • avatar admin

      Hi John,
      I quess it would be OK to celebrate your birthday during the qing ming but it would be advisable to avoid the celebration on the your exact DOB or the lunar DOB. The exact day for Qing Ming is on a single day and it not for the whole full month.

  • avatar Pat

    Hi I was supposed to launch my business this August 1, 2014 but I decided to move it to September 1, 2014. The thing is, I need to register my business before September 1. Is it okay to register my business on August but my operations will start on September? Thanks

    • avatar admin

      Hi Pat,

      If you need to register your business before Sept the 1st, why not do it before July 27? If you really need to register during the ghost month, i would suggest you get an auspicious date to do so. It is a very common practice to select an auspicious date to register a business anyway. Even when its not during the chinese ghost month.

  • avatar Amanda

    Dear Admin,

    Is it okay to start my house renovation before 27 July 2014 and continue with it during the Chinese 7th month? My father-in-law is very superstitious and he keeps insisting that no renovation should be done during this ghost month. We are not that superstitous. But we have read from many that as long as renovation start before the 7th month, it should be fine to continue during the 7th month. We have also chosen an auspicious date to start the renovation in July. Does it help?


    • avatar admin

      hi Amanda,

      In common cases, there shouldn’t be any problem to continue with renovation as long as you begin before the ghost month. Selecting an auspicious “Dong Tu / 动土” date does help. It would also be advisable to cleanse the house after renovation.


  • Hello,

    Hi, my comment is it scared me a little,thank you so much for the information and rules, I’ll be sure to follow them and next is I’m half chinese by the way & I have a couple of questions, first is- is there more rules needed to follow that are not listed here for the ghost month? 2nd question is – the rule no.2 it says dont wander too late at night especially young people, well I’m still young and my question is can you give me a specific time like is it after 8:00 pm? third question is- about chinese operas- what are they actually? and I’m half chinese and I got a special talent of singing opera songs does that mean I should not sing opera style of music during the ghost month? please do tell me coz I love singing! fourth question is- the rule no.3- not to kick/disturb offerings, and if at the ghost month I’ll use some candles/incense/food offerings then after that what will I do with it? where will I put them or throw them out? should I even touch the offerings that have burned or like turned to dust?, my 5th question is- about front row seats, I will not sit on at shows and also at the church? my 6th question is- should I not buy/get animals & put them in the house? my 7th question- about rule no.14 it says not to kill rare insects, I think it’s better not to kill any rare animal right? my 8th question- rule no.18 about wet clothes, it’s about laundry too right? so is it okay to get the wet clothes in the afternoon like 5 pm even if it’s wet? my 9th question is- on August my friend has a fiancee from another country and will visit her in august on ghost month and they will meet then my question is- is it okay, no rules or anything on that day? my 10th question is my mom & I are planning to begin/make a home of ours in our hometown after a couple of days on wednesday July 2 and what I’m concerned is the ghost month, should we continue to make the plan of ours? we are planning that while we are here in the city my grandpa is gonna stay there so that the home wont be empty-sounds okay right? the home that we are going to make is not so big maybe small only one room but it’s almost ghost month and we already booked a tticket to go there tomorrow night only 24 hours to think if we are going to do it, is it okay? please tell me! We need advices quickly…
    Oh I got more questions- 11th question is on the ghost month it’s probably good/great praying/offering to other deities like Gods/Goddesses and asking their help right? 12th question is- about hell currency in offerings, why do you call it hell currency? why do we need to burn them and at the photos are those real money? should we burn money even if its in another currency? next question is when I’m doing something like praying/doing an offering, where should I do it? is it okay in my bedroom? and after that put it where? if the food offering goes raw/bad where to put it? how to get it? should I put gloves/something in my hands so I shouldnt touch it? and flush it down the toilet bowl or to the trash can or garbage truck? I’m really curios where and hot to put it. next question is even other people even if not chinese should obey the rules to prevent any trouble?
    I’m sorry that I’ve asked many questions & wrote so many words,by the way please do answer all my questions, we need to know them quickly, anyway, have a nice day and Thank you so much for reading!!! smile :D


    • avatar admin

      Hi Robina,

      You really do have a long list of question. Unfortunately i’m not able to answer much of it as i have mention earlier, listed on this post are things that have been told down to me by the elders and it shouldn’t be taken too seriously. Based on the method of your questioning, i gather that you do not have much knowledge on this matter. I would suggest you do a read-up on the topic Chinese Hungry Ghost Festival or enquire your elders. It would help you understand more. There are definitely more taboos that are not listed here. To my knowledge, chinese people from different places has their own set of belief.


    • Dear Admin,

      Thanks for the reply but you are right about chinese people from different places has their sett of belief and we have so many, and yeah it’s true i didnt have much knowledge about the ghost month because i only saw it on TV title of the movie is ghost month then I searched it on the net then it’s true, my dad who is chinese passed away earlier and he and his relatives didnt told me about chinese cultures, can I ask just like the same question Amanda asked? up above I saw that we have the same question, can me and my mom start build a small house tomorrow? only one room as I told ya, very samll might be like a small hut, LOL, anyway thanks so much for replying I didnt expected any of this, so cool, I better read more about Chines topics here on the net, thanks you, and sorry again for so many words, I just love typing :P have a nice day!!! :D

      By: ROBINA :D

    • avatar admin

      The Chinese Ghost Month will begin on 27th July 2014. It shouldn’t be a problem to begin building a house before that time.

      Have a Good Day.

  • avatar Jaslyn

    Hi, I was born with special ability that I could make contact with the dead people. And I had seen real Angel on a tree, Chinese god, Sleeping Buddha in the sky, ghost who have helped me in my company. I also ever encountered a Female ghost wanted to kill me, my cousin who was a medium help me to destroy the bad spirit. In my family, I am the only person with strong 6 sense. But in my family clan, I have 2 cousins with same abilities as me. And I am the 3rd person. There was once, I was being possessed during Chinese New Year gathering to save my house from fire. Everywhere I go, I would encounter creepy things. Could you pls advise, what should I do to stop all this? Is it due to my lunar birthdate? A Chinese master ever told me about my ability and told me that I might cause my mum to die early. I rather believe her words. I have forgotten to approach her on the solutions. My creepy encounters enough to make a movie. I must put a stop on it, pls kindly help me. Thank you so much and hope to hear from you soon.

    • avatar admin

      Hi Jaslyn,

      Based on what i’ve gathered, from many masters, If you are GIFTED with this type of special abilities, it would be best to UNDERSTAND it than to avoid/stop it. When you understand it, you may be able to control the situation. I was told that remedies are usually temporary and you would may have to wait till a certain age or perform certain duties for all this to go away. Your cousin, whom was a medium may help. Your bazi/DOB could possibly play a role too. Since you are born with this special talent, i would like to have you DOB for analysis, if its OK. Kindly use the CONTACT section above for privacy purposes.

      Have a Good Day, :)

  • avatar Mariet

    We have transactions of buying a lot for a farm business, contract to sell has been made early this year and some down payments. Our question is will it be alright if we finalized our transaction and pay the full amount and make the DEED OF ABSOLUTE SALE this month of August?

    • avatar admin


      If all important contract and agreement has already been signed for, it shouldn’t be a problem to complete the transaction in the month of August.


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