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Temple in Perlis
Temple in Perlis

Guang Fu Miao-Bentong / 廣福廟-文冬

Guang Fu Miao-Bentong / 廣福廟-文冬.

aka Bentong Kwong Fook Temple, Tokong Cina Kwong Fook Bentong.

Location:- Jalan Loke Yew, Bentong, Pahang. 文冬, 彭亨州.

This planned drive to add another Xian Si Shi Ye temple into the list has been a blessing as the traffic and weather was with us all along the way.

Bentong is one of those small town we’ve visited while roving the countryside many years ago. The discovery of tin ore in the Repas and Perting Rivers made this area into a striving town in the late 1800s. Bentong was only reachable through Federal Route 68 before the highway was built. This route, built-in 1915, is known to be very treacherous as it has many sharp corner along a narrow road next to a deep ravines. Imagine, back those days, where traders would have to ply these roads to get their good across. You have to give some credit to those that did so as it was them that help sprint the nation to where it is today.

Guang Fu Miao-Bentong / 廣福廟-文冬

Guang Fu Miao-Bentong / 廣福廟-文冬 2

This temple is strategically located overlooking the busy junction of Jalan Ah Peng and Jalan Loke Yew. Many whom has traversed through this town would definitely remember this century old red building. On its festive dates, large dragon incense would be offered to the deities.

On its court-yard, a covered hall with a stage is built next to the temple for its festival purposes while the incense furnace is located at the front.

Guang Fu Miao-Bentong / 廣福廟-文冬 3

Guang Fu Miao-Bentong / 廣福廟-文冬 4

Guang Fu Miao-Bentong / 廣福廟-文冬 5

An antique wood carving with deities is hung above the walk way into the main prayer hall. This art piece is known as a Taoist Mountain / Xian Shan / 仙山. From my travels, this art piece is usually seen in century old temples.

Much of the prayer hall is painted red and smoked stained. It has a grand altar on the center devoted to its main patron deity while other deities are enshrined on the altars by the side wall. Antique parade banner, bells and drum are also located in this prayer hall.

It main altar is devoted to the worshiped of its main patron deity, Xian Si Shi Ye / 仙四師爺. An altar to the right is dedicated to the worshipped of the goddess Guan Yin Pu Sa / 觀音菩薩 while the red faced Guan Sheng Da Di / 關聖大帝 in enshrined on the altar to the left.

Other deities enshrined in this temple includes Tian Hou Niang Niang / 天后娘娘, Tan Gong Ye / 譚公爺, Tai Sui / 太歲, Bai Hu / 白虎, Qi Tian Da Sheng / 齊天大聖, Da Bo Gong / 大伯公, Jin Hua Fu Ren / 金花夫人, Wei Tuo Pu Sa / 韋馱菩萨, Hua Guang Da Di / 華光大帝, Qing Shui Zu Shi / 清水祖師, Xuan Tian Shang Di / 玄天上帝, Long Mu Niang Niang / 龍母娘娘, Ma Tou Jiang Jun / 馬頭將軍, Li Guang Jiang Jun / 李廣將軍, Da Bo Ye / 大伯爺, Cai Shen Ye / 財神爺, etc.

Guang Fu Miao-Bentong / 廣福廟-文冬 6Guang Fu Miao-Bentong / 廣福廟-文冬 7

Above:- An antique statue of the famous Monkey God / Sun Wu Kong / 孫悟空 aka Qi Tian Da Sheng / 齊天大聖. 2:- Tablet of Xian Si Shi Ye / 仙四師爺.

Below:- Cai Shen Ye / 財神爺 aka Da Bo Ye / 大伯爺 along with Ma Tou Jiang Jun / 馬頭將軍.

Guang Fu Miao-Bentong / 廣福廟-文冬 8

Based on what i could gathered, This temple is reportedly establish in 1890 and did go through many renovation over the years. It was in 1901 when the town was struck by some epidemic that towkay Loke Yew invited the spirits of Xian Si Shi Ye from the main branch in KL to appeased the deity so to help subdue the epidemic. In a mark of gratitude, the towkay took the lead to rebuild the temple(*1). Mr Loke Yew is a famous philanthropist whom is once known as the richest man in the world.

I hope to see this temple remains another 100 years to come and If you would like to add more info to this post, kindly do leave a comment.

Guang Fu Miao-Bentong / 廣福廟-文冬 9

Below:-The Taoist Mountain / Xian Shan / 仙山.

Guang Fu Miao-Bentong / 廣福廟-文冬 10

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(*1) Genesis of the Xian Shiye Cult in Malaysia By VOON Phin Keong, EE Chong Huat, LEE Kim Sin /P53. – Malaysian Journal of Chinese Studies, 2014, 3(1): 37-59.

Location Map / 神廟地圖

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Guang Fu Miao-Bentong / 廣福廟-文冬 – My Time – – Cataloging Chinese temples in Malaysia / 記錄馬來西亞廟宇文化.

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